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NCAA Unveils Rebranding Effort with Face of Aviation Consumer Protection

Face of Aviation Consumer Protection Mrs. Ifueko Abdulmalik, Assistant General Manager, Consumer Protection Department, NCAA.

…New Look, New Recognition

In a bid to foster creativity, dedication, and excellence within the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), the organization has launched the Face of Aviation Consumer Protection (FACP) initiative.

The inaugural Face of Aviation Consumer Protection title was bestowed upon Mrs. Ifueko Abdulmalik, an Assistant General Manager in the Consumer Protection division of the NCAA.

This prestigious crown will be held for one year, with a new recipient selected thereafter.

The brainchild behind this initiative is Mr. Michael Achimugu, the Director of Public Affairs and Consumer Protection at the NCAA.

According to Mr. Achimugu, this initiative marks the beginning of a rebranding effort within the Consumer Protection Department, which includes implementing a new dress code for Consumer Protection Officers (CPOs) and establishing a hotline for lodging complaints.

The unveiling of the FACP coincided with the launch of a new dress code for CPOs, featuring a sharp crested blue waistcoat, white shirt, and hat, aligning with industry standards.

This attire complements the existing T-shirts and traditional attire worn by CPOs.

Mr. Achimugu highlighted Mrs. Ifueko’s selection, emphasizing her diligence, efficiency, and extensive knowledge of regulations, which have made her an exemplary representative of the CPOs.

“she represent diligence and efficiency just like other CPOs and has done her job with candour, has a vast knowledge of the regulations and has been the interface between the authority and the airlines on consumer protection matters.”

He emphasized the importance of recognizing and promoting outstanding individuals within the department, with the aim of fostering pride in their work and enhancing productivity to support the success of the NCAA.

“We must become proud of our jobs and be motivated to improve our productivity to help our dear DGCA succeed. We must support each other and rise”


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