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NCAA staff alleges threats and intimidation by HR officers, ANAP calls for reorganization

L-r Isazuwa Reuben, Kabir Gusau, president General, ANAP, A.H Ogunfeitimi, deputy president general, ANAP and Secretary General ,Abdulrazak Saidu at a meeting with NCAA members.

The leadership and executive members of the Association of Nigeria Aviation Professionals, ANAP, have promised to promote and fight for the welfare of workers in the aviation sector.

Speaking at a meeting with members of the union in the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA in Lagos, president General of ANAP, comrade Kabir Gusau said the newly formed union would stand to uphold the reasons for which it was formed which includes among others promoting workers welfare, defend the rights, well-being and interests of workers in the work-place and ensure protection of jobs, full employment and humane working environment.

Comrade Gusau noted that ANAP would leave up to expectation as they were all out to fulfill what the workers have been yearning for which other unions in the industry have failed to achieve, adding that constant dialogue with management of the agencies on workers welfare would be of topmost priority.

He appealed to the NCAA workers to be patient with them as they work at achieving their purpose as the union is just less than one year.

“Give us one year, it took us 10 years to get this certificate after many battles with the other unions in the industry, somebody like me I do not talk too much, I believe in action, the people that work with me they know me very well I do not talk too much by the time by the time I see things I can only talk small but I act too much. I do not have a permanent friend or a permanent enemy you can be my friend today, tomorrow we fight, we may fight today and tomorrow we will be together”.

He added,”I want to assure you that by the grace of God everything will be okay, the only thing I want you to do is to be committed because you cannot expect us to do everything for you, you have to be part and parcel of this struggle”.

Deputy President General, Engr. A.H Ogunfeitimi while answering questions asked by the workers regarding poor working conditions promotions, urged the members to exercise restraints as the union would work assiduously to ensure all their entitlements were meant.

He called for the restructuring of the Human Resources and Administration of the NCAA to promote productivity in the staff.

According to him,” HR has to be restructured, some people came to me,reported HR officers to me, I told them to be patient, threatening staff, intimidating staff, how could that staff contribute best when an HR staff is a intimidating staff, these are the aspect I said is Germaine, is fundamental, we just have to look at the communal level, I don’t want to be reporting each other but we just have to look at the structure. The HR is the engine of the organization, HR has to be re-combed, has to be reorganized, needs credible people that will take the interest of staff into heart also and it will now translate into other directorate, is a big war.

“Please give us space, just let us do the right thing, I know the minds of everybody, you want action fast but let us get good results, we understand everything, it will come at the right time, let us be patient with the management, let us be patient with the system but the system should allow us to have discussion with the management, we are not criticizing alone but proffer solutions on how we can move forward, we will not turn NCAA to a battle ground but we have to tell them the language they understand” he added.

Chairman,NCAA ANAP, comrade Benjamin Godwin said going forward suggested that there should be an expansion of the policy and procedure manual of each directorate, so that going forward more people could be accommodated at the top.

“So, we will not just make argument without bring in our own side of the story, if you are saying there is a problem, we should be able to provide a solution, so we go in to a negotiation with a two-prong approach, without just saying it one way, so we will be very professional in our approach with management. Do not let anybody deceive you that we cannot get access to the DG, we have good access to the DG”.

ANAP exco members in NCAA

Secretary General of ANAP, comrade Abdulrazak Saidu emphasized that the union is for professionals and administration cadre, urging all to come on board as the union is poised to fight for the interest of the workers, growth and development of the industry.

He explained that, “the ministry of labour said administrative cadre should be inside our Constitution, it is here approved for us, administrative cadre covers up to GM, if you are a director you want to, you are in administrative cadre, you can join but you cannot hold office but our union with the certificate was a long battle”.


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