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NCAA Dismisses Airspace Insecurity Claims, Details Extensive Radar Surveillance

NCAA Logo and AgDGCA, Capt. Chris Ona Najomo

….Assures Public of Safe and Secure Air Navigation in Nigeria’s Airspace

The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has taken notice of recent statements suggesting that Nigeria’s airspace is insecure due to lack of radar coverage. To set the record straight and assure the flying public and Nigerians in general, NCAA says, it is compelled to clarify the facts as contained in a statement signed by its Director General Civil Aviation Captain Chris Najomo and released to the public by the Director, Public Affairs and Consumer Protection NCAA, Mr. Micheal Achimugu.

Highlights of the statement 

Radar Coverage and Security

NCAA confirms that Nigeria’s airspace is covered by radar, with functional Primary and Secondary Surveillance Radars in Abuja, Lagos, Kano, and Port-Harcourt. The Total Radar Coverage Of Nigeria (TRACON) is a comprehensive system that ensures the safety and security of air navigation in Nigeria.

Investigations and Findings

In recent cases of violations of prohibited flight zones, NCAA investigations revealed that controlled flights strayed into restricted airspace due to adverse weather conditions. NAMA had complete radar footages and details of the aircraft and operators involved.

Importance of ATC Transponders

All aircraft flying in controlled airspace must have serviceable ATC transponders, as required by international standards. Failure to comply is a security breach and may attract sanctions.

Welfare of Air Traffic Controllers

NCAA has intervened in a face-off between Air Traffic Controllers (ATCOs) and NAMA to improve their remuneration and working conditions. The Authority is also extending this drive to other aviation professionals.

Infrastructure Development

Nigeria’s radar coverage is being augmented with five additional MSSR stations to achieve total coverage of the country. This upgrade is a normal global practice to ensure the continued delivery of desired output.

NCAA assures the public that there is no cause for alarm and that, the Authority is committed to ensuring safe and secure air navigation in Nigeria’s airspace, and all necessary measures are being taken to achieve this goal.


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