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NCAA clamps down on illegal charter, black market operators as culprit gets 60 days suspension, fine


The Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) says, it is ready to clamp down on illegal charter and black market operators in the industry with it increased ramp checks.

This is just as the regulatory agency currently has a culprit in its net.

The Director General, NCAA, Capt. Musa Nuhu during an online interview with the Chairman, Africa Business Aviation Association, AfBAA, Mr. Nike Fadugba, said, the NCAA had put mechanisms in place to identify these illegal operators and apply the full weight of the law.

He stated that, NCAA enforces sanction regime on charter operations, these include fines and certificate sanctions and also had what is called the permit for non-commercial flights, PNCF, which is given to the private operators. 

According to him, “This private operators are required to file monthly reports on the number of flights conducted and with passenger manifest for us to look and determine that  possibly these are legal charter operations”. 

He said, the Authority was doing its best, and had achieved success as some suspected illegal charter operators have been discovered and currently the case was being handled.

“We are dealing with actually one of the PNCF, the enforcement team have recommended 60 days suspension of their certificate in addition to fine, so they have a period of 30 days for which to get back to us or protest or bring evidence that we ask them”.

Capt. Nuhu lamented that, black market sometimes could be difficult to identify as cooperation from the customers was never easy to get to confirm they have actually paid for the services.

“Sometimes the customers are not forthcoming but we are boosting out ramp checks, all checks, its not been easy but we keep working on it until we get this”.

He however assured that, the proposed review of its regulations after the Act had been signed would ensure the regulatory requirement for charter operations was easier for them.

“We need to have a way of making it easier because right now, it is almost like having requirement for airline AOC, I think we also on our part through our own regulations we can make it easier for those who actually, actually want to do legitimate charter operations to be able to do that with a very friendly and smart regulations although some charter operators just don’t want to pay because if you do commercial operations there is a 5% charter service charge you are supposed to pay and a lot of them are running from that but I can assure you anybody that is culpable we will apply the full wrath of the law to certainly discourage this black market operations”.