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NCAA begins system automation, to reduce paper work, staff stress


…embraces digitalization, Technical library, now E-Library, impacts of these will be felt soon..DGCA

The Director General, Civil Aviation, Captain Musa Nuhu says, the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA is in process of automating its system to reduce stress for the staff and paper work.

He said, the regulatory authority has commenced the acquisition of a regulatory software and in the next one or two weeks the software would  be ready and training of staff would also kick off.

In a chat with aviation reporters via zoom, the DGCA stated that, it is a three years program and at the end of the period, 80 to 90 percent of NCAA processes would be automated including third party.

“From records, about 12 years ago, we had only 16 AOCs, right now, we have 32, out of which 12 are scheduled operators. We cannot keep operating the way we are operating. Changes have to come in and we have started the process”.

“It is a major paradigm shift from paper based work to automation and if you don’t do the proper homework, you are going to run into trouble. You might run into more crisis”, he added.

Capt. Nuhu disclosed that, they are  working with a company to ensure the automation is achieved, adding that, automation comes with risk and that risk is also being addressed.

“Automation exposes you to cyber risk and so we have developed a manual that enhances cyber security”. 

Other steps taken to ensure seamless processes of its activities he noted is the tuning of its technical library, to E-library.

With this, the DGCA said, any staff of NCAA can log into the library and get same information wherever he/she is. 

“All these are geared towards having a quality agency across the board. What all these done is that it reduces the stress for our staff and reduces the paper work”.

He assured, “There are so many other things that we are putting in place and we have to do them. By the end of next year, the impacts of these things we are putting in place will show on the industry. We have to collaborate with everyone”.

“There are more aircraft in Nigeria registry than the entire west African states, the number of airlines, AOC, airports and co they have are not as much as we have in Nigeria. It is very huge, complex and there are huge demands to cope with in the industry”.


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