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NCAA admits Azman Air incidents exposed some lapses in their system

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The Director General, Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority, (NCAA), Capt. Musa Nuhu, admits the recent  Azman air incidents have exposed some lapses in their system which they are currently trying to correct.

This is just as he said, if the NCAA is somehow perceived as a corrupt organisation, all the operators and aviation businesses in Nigeria will have it difficult going to charter or lease aircraft. 

Capt.Nuhu while playing host to Executive members of the League of Airports and Aviation Correspondents, LAAC during a courtesy visit to him in Lagos said, they are making some changes to really make the organisation much more effective and efficient. 

In the incident involving Azman, Capt. Nuhu said, they needed to respond to the many allegations levelled against him and the authority to avoid damaging the image of the country before the international aviation Community.

“Unfortunately, in this particular case when somebody go to the public and impunes the credibility of an organisation. We need to defend our action as an organisation. What I want you to understand is that it is not we as a person and not even the DG, it’s not NCAA, but Nigeria’s reputation that is being damaged in the international space. It makes the whole business much more difficult for us. It damages the industry. That is why we had to come out and explain to the world what happened”.

He pledged to ensure the right thing is done to consolidate on the safety records the industry has enjoyed in the past 5 years, adding that the cases of incidents will be handled to ensure it is minimized to the barest.

“We don’t have any airline accident in the last 5 years and God forbid there will not be any during my tenure. Not only the accident, the number of incidents too that people will not hear about. We want to bring it out to make the system much safer. When you have these incidents, you use your equipment much more, instead of grounding the airlines because they have incidents, they do more flights and system becomes more efficient, effective to the benefits of the travelling public”.