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We have reliable facilities for flights during harmattan dust haze…NAMA



…….urges airlines to equip their aircraft

…….sympathizes with affected passengers
The Nigerian Airspace Management Agency says it is concern with the challenges and difficulties airlines and the travelling public have been subjected to over the past few days as a result of reduced flight visibilityoccasioned by the prevailing harmattan dust haze that has limited operations into most airports.

Managing Director, NAMA, Mr. Emma Anasi said while it is the duty of NAMA to ensure safety of lives and properties by ensuring that all flight operations are in compliance with minimum state weather conditions as published by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority for each airport, it has taken appropriate measures to ensure the availability and reliability of air navigation facilities at all airports.

In addition, he explained , “in October 2015 implemented and published Performance Based Navigation (PBN) flight procedures for the guidance of aircraft into and out of 16 domestic airports in addition to similar procedures implemented at Lagos, Kano, Abuja and Port Harcourt in 2012″.

Mr. Anasi stressed that not unmindful of the economic losses to airlines,passengers and other airport stakeholders, urged Nigerian airline operators to equip their fleets and take advantage of these new PBN flight procedures, as well as other satellite based navigation systems such asAutomatic Dependent Surveillance Contract (ADS-C) and Controller Pilot Data Link Communication Systems implemented in 2015, with increased level of safety, accuracy, reliability, integrity, availability and continuity of service.

He however assured that while the current severe weather conditions are expected to improve within the next few days, NAMA in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Transportation has embarked on the upgrading of existing facilities,as well as the deployment of new communication, navigation, surveillance andair traffic management systems that will further enhance capacity as well assafety, efficiency and economy of flight operations.

In his words,”NAMA wish to state that flight operations in the year 2016 have been relatively very safe following significant investments made in the developmentof safety critical infrastructure and manpower. The Agency wish to reassure all Nigerians that all efforts are been made to ensure more efficient and safe airnavigation service delivery in the year 2017”.

Mr. Anasi while wishing all Nigerians, the travelling public, airlines, sisteragencies, and other stakeholders, a safe and Happy New Year ahead, sympathized with all Nigerians who have suffered losses or inconveniences as a result of flight delays/cancellations.


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