Home Safety National Assembly Voices Alarming Concerns Over Air Safety Amidst Rising Aviation Incidents

National Assembly Voices Alarming Concerns Over Air Safety Amidst Rising Aviation Incidents


The National Assembly has expressed deep concern over the frequent near-crash incidents, flight disruptions, cancellations, and recent deviations from flight plans observed in Nigerian airlines recently.

Emphasizing its commitment to safety, efficiency, and the regularity of flights, the assembly found such occurrences in the aviation sector unacceptable.

Chairman, House Committee on Aviation Abdullahi Garba, addressing the International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers’ Associations (IFATCA) meeting, underscored the country’s fortune in avoiding major air accidents for the past decade.

However, he cautioned that recent serious incidents and avoidable errors by indigenous airlines warrant attention.

Garba urged the Federal Government and aviation agencies to scrutinize airline activities to instill confidence in travelers.

He highlighted the crucial role of Air Traffic Controllers (ATCs) and stressed the need for Nigeria to operate above the minimum standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).

Additionally, he requested the meeting’s resolutions to guide legislative efforts for safeguarding the nation’s airspace and the entire aviation sector.

The House Committee Chairman, called for collaboration with NATCA and other sector associations, considering the industry’s challenges, especially regarding security threats.

Capt. Chris Najomo, Director of Public Affairs and Consumer Protection, Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA advocated for improved payment for ATC personnel during the conference.

He emphasized the necessity of adequate compensation, regular training, and support for controllers, recognizing the evolving nature of the aviation industry.

Najomo pledged to address these concerns with the Ministry of Aviation and Aerospace Development for approval.


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