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NATCA wants health/life insurance scheme, applauds Minister support

NATCA president, Agoro Abayomi Omotayo

Due to the enormity  work and the dangers air traffic controllers are exposed to, the Nigerian Air Traffic controllers Association (NATCA), want the implementation of a well packaged health or life insurance scheme for Air Traffic Controllers in the country.

Just this year alone, the Association has lost six of its members.

President of the NATCA,  Abayomi Agoro started this at the ongoing 49th Extra-Ordinary Annual General Meeting and the first ever NATCA’s virtual AGM.

Agoro noted that beyond the support extended to air navigation safety by the minister of aviation he has also consistently ensured that his transformation agenda was felt particularly in NAMA and in the entire aviation industry in general. 

“Such commendable giant strides in pushing the frontiers of the aviation sector in Nigeria has largely ushered in a new era of innovation driven aviation industry as evident in the recent provision of a new safe tower and the approval granted for the provision of a 3D simulator (elements critical to air safety) for the training of Air Traffic Controllers in NAMA, this will facilitate and make for seamless training/rating of Air Traffic Controllers; a development, which in practical terms is key and Germaine to aviation industry”.

He explained that the Minister yielded to their appeal by releasing members of NATCA advancement letters which made it possible for them to be upgraded in batches A and B  to grade level 12 after over four years of stagnation.

According to him, his intervention had not only helped in bringing in industrial harmony, but also fostered a renewed dedication, commitment and motivated NATCA members who had been hitherto demoralized and frustrated by the delay.

He acknowledged the support given to him , and the executive members by the entire members of NATCA saying it had been two years of raising the bar of relevance for NATCA in the aviation industry.

“We have not only successfully re-positioned NATCA to effectively play the roles for which it was established by its founding fathers, the Association has also gone several notches higher in networking with relevant corporate bodies as well as sister associations to push the frontiers of the aviation industry to the delight of all”.

Agoro assured the minister of their strong determination and commitment to collaborate closely with him to continually make the Nigerian airspace safe and globally competitive for a world class Air Traffic Management (ATM).

“As we march on into history, no one has been left in doubt that NATCA has impacted positively in its fruitful strides. This by any stretch of imagination is a no mean achievement. We have been able to keep aglow the torch of this cherished Association ignited by pioneers of NATCA; men of history who bequeathed to succeeding generations of executives and members of our Association – enduring legacies of distinguished service, honour and dignity”