NATCA expresses worry over flight diversions to Cotonou, Accra, degraded facilities, workload on ATC’s


NATCA president, Agoro Abayomi Omotayo

The Nigerian Air Traffic Controllers’ Association (NATCA) has expressed concern over recent events at the Murtala Mohammed international airport, Lagos regarding the diversions of foreign flights to Accra and Cotonou. 
According to them, the development occasioned by poor visibility and haze had been heightened by  the degraded state of navigational and landing facilities due to lack of calibration.

In a statement, President NATCA, Yomi Agoro says they were equally concerned with the untold hardship the situation had visited on their members working in the Lagos Terminal Approach position whose statutory  responsibility is to ensure a round the clock safety in taking off and landing.                                 

 While appreciating government’s huge investment in the upgrade of aviation infrastructure in the sector, he noted they were worried about ” the perennial state of degradation of the essential facilities and working tools with attendant increased stress and workload which in practical terms translate to serious safety implications for the flying public. He therefore urged the relevant authorities to take immediate steps to restore the full serviceability of the navigational and landing aids to ensure an effective end to the uncalled  hitches recently experienced and prevent the re-currence of same”.  

The NATCA president added that this was not the time to apportion blames but emphasized that the time had come for all hands to be on deck to ensure seamless safety regime and prompt navigational services.

“We therefore assures the flying public of their competence and preparedness to work with airlines and aviation stakeholders to ensure safety in our airspace”. 


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