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NATCA AGM: Presidential Hopeful Hassaini Jubril promises better welfare for ATCOs


Hussaini Jubril, DGM, Air Navigation Planning, NAMA Headquarters and Presidential Aspirant in the forthcoming NATCA election

Presidential aspirant to the number position in the Nigeria Air Traffic Controllers Association NATCA, Alhaji Hussaini Jubril has promised if elected to vigorously tackle the issues of level 12, ATCO Scheme of Service, retirement age, welfare, working environment, training amongst others.

In an interview, Alhaji Jubril said, he is committed to ensuring that, every single member of NATCA feel a sense of belonging to the Association through fostering participation of members of the association in every endeavour of NATCA. 

“I will ensure an open door policy that will give every member a say in whichever direction NATCA takes. This, will of course, take cognizance of sensitivity of actions that the Association will take from time to time, whenever the need for such actions arises”.

Jubril who is a Deputy General Manager Air Navigation Planning, NAMA Headquarters, Abuja stressed that as regards ATCOs Welfare Scheme, under his watch NATCA would study the best way to create a welfare scheme and financial experts would be engaged in coming up with a scheme that would cater for the welfare needs of ATCOs especially those retired and the family of incapacitated or deceased ATCOs.

“My presidency will seriously pursue programmes that will ensure ATCOs are given the recognition they deserve. The welfare of ATCOs will be central in this regard. My EXCO will workout ways to improve on rating allowances that have been palliative since 2007”.

On the issue of Scheme of Service, he said, they would get to the root of the matter and present a definite position and plan of action, if not its implementation, at the very first AGM after the election as ATCOs, from 2013 to date, have invested a lot of resources in the actualization of proposed ATCO Scheme of Service that had been worked on almost a decade now. 

“Like we noted in 2018, the issue of our scheme of service has lingered for so long and we invested heavily on it, unfortunately there is no clear information on where it stands and what ATCOs stand to benefit”.

He added, “at conception, it was meant to be a panacea to our lingering GL12 advancement but almost 14 years down the line we are still groping in the dark. It is high time we get over it and we are committed to getting over it”.

“NATCA, under my leadership, will have a say in professional matters as they affect ATCOs. ASRs will be scrutinized by NATCA and its position be forwarded to relevant offices. NATCA will work out standards with which it will be measuring performances of the system. We will look at professional matters from different angles thereby creating a holistic approach to treating professional matters”.

Others areas the Presidential hopeful pledged to look into is the uplift of the  the Status and Welfare of ATCOs, improved trainings, working environment, exposing Talents to the World, Increase Participation in Professional Matters, advancement to GL12.

“The issue of advancing ATCOs to GL12 after A and B rating has been a sore thumb. Rating after rating we face a lot of difficulties before we get advanced to GL12. Of recent, it becomes evident we have almost lost the fight. While I understand the lacuna that has become a reason for this situation, we shall leave no stone unturned towards surmounting this issue. We shall get a permanent solution to it, either through the already submitted scheme of service or any other means possible”.

“Taking a leaf from IFATCA, NATCA will come up with handbooks that will serve as guidance materials for ATCO conducts. These documents will address ATCOs’ needs and procedures for provision of excellent service”.

“Through collaboration with relevant offices, as NATCA president, ATCO trainings will be purpose driven and generally spread to cater for the needs of air traffic controllers and the profession of air traffic control. ATCOs will be given the required skills for the kind of services they provide”.

Jubril assured that, his presidency would be open and keep members abreast with what is going on as your dutiful servant. 

“I promised to hold regular interactive sessions like we held during the campaign of 2018. Now with the proliferation of technologies that make such session easier and more convenient I promise to be holding such sessions with members in order to report on the trust that you will place on us and get your advice and guidance”.


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