NANTA Elections: Presidential aspirant promises empowerment of members to thrive,unity, Paradigm shift

NANTA 2nd Deputy National President and Presidential aspirants in the forth-coming elections in Kano Mrs. Susan Akporiaye unveiling her plans for the body if elected

The baton of leadership of the National Association of Nigerian Travel Agencies, NANTA, come March this year will change to pave the way for a new leadership that will consolidate on the gains of the past administration and take it to a greater level.

The greater level is geared towards taking the unity of all members to a higher level and making the Association a household name in the industry.

At a news briefing in Lagos to unfold her plans for the body if elected as the president in the forth-coming 44th Annual General Meeting in Kano, the current 2nd National Deputy National President, NANTA, Mrs. Susan Akporiaye emphasized that her focal point would be the welfare and unity of all members.

She stressed that she wants to change the narrative, bring everybody on board as a family, all the zones, stressed that no zone would be more important than the others.

“We have stayed united for 43 years, God willing we want to take it forward by brining all zones onboard, equally important, no zone more important than the other”.

The NANTA Presidential aspirant and her team with the acronym, “Together We Achieve more” said her team is poised to bring all members on board and carry them on the day to day activities.

“The members need to feel the Association can protect them, they have their back, the members have given a lot, it is not about coming together, paying your dues, doing AGM, an event once in a year, do Christmas party and we have gone for the year, we will now come back and start knocking on their doors for dues but we are looking at ways of empowering our members. We are even looking at situations where we will make this support groups we are talking about, they could be groups that give grant, we will make relationship with people if not in the travel sector, we will go outside the sector, make relationship for as long as we can gain something from them. We will start looking at the options of supporting groups that give grant for our members to help improve their business to help grow their business for the serious ones.

 So, those are the welfare of members that am talking about that I intend to bring on the table when I become the president of NANTA.” she added.

Emphasizing that her agenda would boost a fresh financial flow which would help reduce the pressure on sundry levies and dues from members, she added that such agenda will be hinged on six pillars to drive the process, including: unity of NANTA, relationship with principals, government relations, every zone, one project, support groups and welfare of members.

Mrs. Aporiaye applauded the efforts of past presidents who have ensured in their own way to keep the Association going in the past 43 years.

“I believe strongly that governance should be about continuity, where this one stop you come in, you come in and take it to another level. We appreciating our past leaders and all what they have done, financial sacrifice, time sacrifice, everything they have given this Association is well taken note of”.

Akporiaye also pledged that she would operate an open door policy, just as she said that she would cooperate with the government, adding that “NANTA has grown to attract the attention and respect of government. We shall innovate on this approach and get NANTA to play a key role in Women Affairs without which homes today would be in trouble”.

To carry all zones, she said there is a mechanism in place to encourage their zonal leaders to embrace sustainable projects that will impact on our members.

L-R NANTA secretary general Sylvester Olobor, Mrs. Susan Akporiaye, Mr. Idowu Oludayo and Mr. China Ihe at the news conference

Speaking on Akporiaye’s candidacy for NANTA Presidency, a member of the team and Managing Director of Hec Travel Agency Limited, Mr. Ihe Chima James said that Akporiaye is a round peg in a round hole.

According to Mr. Ihe, he has assessed Akporiaye and found out that she is qualified having served at different capacities in NANTA affairs.

“I support her ambition and I am ready to follow her agenda. There are  people who go for elective positions just because of their personal gains; her intention is different as she is out to give back to NANTA. She has come to give and not to take away”, Ihe said.

In the same vein, chief executive officer of Aeroport Travels and Tours Limited and a member of the team, Mr. Taiwo Oludayo endorsed Akporiaye candidacy, saying that he support her to ensure that her administration is successful.


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