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NAMA Undergoes Transformation, MD Reveals Plans to Address Challenges

Engr. Ahmed Umar Farouk, Managing Director, NAMA

The Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA) is undergoing a transformation, with the Managing Director, Alhaji Ahmed Farouk, at the helm. 

In an exclusive interview, Farouk spoke about the challenges facing the agency and the steps being taken to address them.

Low Morale and Service Delivery

Farouk revealed that when he took over as MD, morale was low among workers, and service delivery was a major challenge. To address this, he focused on workers’ welfare, recognizing that a conducive environment is essential for higher productivity.

Communication, Navigation, and Power Systems

The MD highlighted the importance of communication, navigation, and power systems in ensuring the smooth operation of the agency. 

He noted that the agency has made significant improvements in these areas, including the deployment of solar energy to ensure uninterrupted power supply.

Infrastructure Decay

Farouk acknowledged the state of infrastructure decay in NAMA, citing the need for modernization. 

He revealed that the agency has commenced the replacement of obsolete facilities, with 80% of the work completed.

Surveillance and Power Systems

The MD emphasized the importance of surveillance and power systems, noting that the agency has approved the modernization of the TRACON system.  Farouk expressed hope that the project will be completed soon, which will enable the agency to operate at optimal performance.

Shortage of Air Traffic Controllers

The NAMA MD acknowledged the shortage of air traffic controllers, attributing it to the lack of proper manpower planning in the past. 

He revealed that the agency is working to address this challenge, with plans to recruit and train new air traffic controllers.

Industrial Harmony

The MD attributed the agency’s industrial harmony to his insider knowledge and ability to engage with labor unions, emphasizing the importance of teamwork and recognized the value of every staff member in the agency’s growth.

Review of Navigation Charges

Farouk revealed that the agency is considering a review of navigation charges, citing the need to match the current economic situation. 

He emphasized that the agency is a cost-recovery agency and that the review is necessary to ensure the sustainability of the agency.

Minister’s Support

The MD praised the Minister of Aviation and Aerospace Development, Mr. Festus Keyamo, for his support in ensuring that the agency operates professionally. 

According to him, the minister does not interfere in the agency’s operations, allowing professionals to make decisions.

In conclusion, Farouk emphasized that NAMA is undergoing a transformation, with a focus on improving infrastructure, communication, and power systems. 

He expressed hope that the agency will continue to make progress in addressing the challenges facing it.


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