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NAHCO boss appeals for tax exemption on handling equipment, gets N70m from FG bailout


The Managing Director, Nigeria Aviation Handling Company, NAHCOaviance, Mrs. Tokunbo Fagbemi has called on the Federal Government to accede to their request for tax exemption on duties for handling equipment.

This is just as she disclosed that the company received N70 million from the N4billion bailout of the Federal Government to cushion the effects of the pandemic on aviation business in the country.

In an interview with newsmen in Lagos, Mrs. Fagbemi says, if waivers were given on aircraft spare parts, ground support equipment should also enjoy same from government.

She added that during the pandemic as an Association of Ground Handlers of Nigeria, applied for tax exemptions on equipment similar to what is given to aircraft.

“Because at the end of the day, these are ground support equipment, support and handle the aircraft, so if the aircraft are given zero duty why should we also not enjoy that kind of rebate, we will be happy if that is given”.

The NAHCOaviance boss says, they would be happy if government can give more palliatives in form of zero percent loans and other windows to help them to continue to support the airlines.

“We are also looking at our tax, if there is some form tax exemptions, we have taken some opportunities where FIRS say pay before a certain time, some we have not be able to because we are actually being reviewed and audited, all the yearly audits so, we have to been able to take a position on those that we have but we will like more particularly because of the peculiarity of this business that we are in, so its high cost in terms of equipment, the equipment do not have the same value like an aircraft has and there is a limited number of year’s that you can flog it for and then you still pay all these duties and charges, so if we even have exemptions on duties, it will go along way to help us to be able to do that”.

On the FG bailout, while commending the Federal Government for the N70million given to NAHCO from the N4billion for the aviation industry, Mrs. Fagbemi said, they look forward to more palliatives which may not be in the form money for the ground handling companies.

According to her, they had lost so much and having something was better than having nothing, adding they would continue to do everything, work with the business environmental to ensure that the organization optimise its revenue in whatever form to serve their clients better and be rest assured that clients would be able to support them.

“Yes, we were given about N70million but if you look at how much we lost it is not much but anything that is given is something that we are grateful for because it is better to have something than you have nothing. But like Oliver twist, as we are thanking the Ministry and the Federal Government, CBN and the Minister of Finance we are also hopeful that some more as we have told will be given to the ground handling companies”.