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NAHCO Appoints Herbert Odika as COO


The Nigerian Aviation Handling Company Plc (nahco aviance) has appointed Mr. Herbert Odika as its Chief Operating Officer (COO).

A first class aviation professional with excellent knowledge of the industry, Odika, a former staff of nahco aviance, is a graduate of Business Studies from the University of North London.

The new Chief Operating Officer is a commercially astute, delivery-focused individual with vast experience in such diverse areas as sales, marketing, business development, medical sales, operational management and team leadership.

Gifted with exceptional talent in leading and developing a high performing team of staff to deliver on objectives and achieve their best, Odika demonstrates excellent judgement and effective decision – making with the ability to implement change and raise performance standards.

Odika perceives the ‘bigger picture’ as well as the minute details, leveraging all available resources to overcome challenges and fulfil objectives. He consistently meets or exceeds targets and ensures that strict adherence is made to compliance policies and procedures.

A team player and influential leader with an unwavering commitment to personal and professional excellence, Odika always stands out in whatever he does.

A diligent relationship builder who had previously acted as the liaison between NAHCO and the press and trade unions, facilitating open and constructive dialogue to overcome differences of opinion, the COO is a skilled negotiator with proven ability to influence, motivate and persuade others.

He is commercially aware and strategically – minded as well as being adept at managing day-to-day operations, financial and other resources to maximize efficiency and reduce costs without compromising quality of delivery.

In addition to being a top-notch revenue generator, Odika seizes every given opportunity to increase the revenue base of any organization he works with.

Odika possesses the rare acumen of the ability to identify risks and implement appropriate mitigation strategies. Well – known for his adeptness in dealing with disruptions and unexpected challenges in a calm, logical and pragmatic manner, Odika is much – sought after name in mediation and consensus – building in the highly unionized aviation industry.
In his new role, he would be responsible for the Company’s operations in all NAHCO stations across Nigeria.


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