NAEBI Expands Aviation Capabilities with Cutting-Edge Equipment, Strategic Collaborations


Officials of NAEBI Dynamic Concepts Limited , representatives of the Ministry of Aviation & Aerospace Development at meetings with Dell Technologies,Tensor and another company during their tour to the United Kingdom to acquire additional equipment .

NAEBI Dynamic Concepts Limited, an indigenous operator in the Aviation sector, is bolstering its service capabilities by procuring additional equipment. 

The company’s expansion includes the acquisition of Information Technology Tracking Devices, Body-worn Cameras, and a Control Room complete with Facility Rack, along with other IT support facilities. 

These advancements aim to capture and relay data for helicopters operating in and out of Nigeria.

Chike Stanley, the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, highlighted the strategic move to enhance the equipment profile, aligning with the company’s commitment to job creation and revenue generation for the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Collaborating with Tensor, a UK-based Equipment Company, and the Federal Ministry of Aviation & Aerospace Development, NAEBI Dynamic Concepts Limited is working on a project to track helicopters through a Control Room. 

The equipment is described as robust and innovative, incorporating unique software for comprehensive and accurate investigations.

To further improve service delivery, the company plans to acquire a Mobile Radar for low-level flight coverage, deploying high-density cameras and other technological devices. 

The initiative aims to contribute to the nation’s GDP, create jobs, and mitigate security risks, particularly in the Niger Delta Region.

The CEO emphasized the project’s role in collating data on helicopter movements, reducing unemployment, and acknowledged the Federal Government’s support. 

He thanked representatives from the Ministry of Aviation and Aerospace Development for their involvement.

During discussions, Christopher Omoaghe, Special Advisor to the Minister, highlighted challenges faced by the ministry, including incorrect schedules and falsified data submitted by operators. Mr. Stanley praised the team’s involvement and assured them of timely project delivery.

Work has commenced, and while facing some delays, the CEO expects completion within three months, with the Control Room launching approximately a year later. 

The company plans to train Helicopter Monitoring Officers and deploy equipment for efficient navigational services by the first quarter of 2024, emphasizing adherence to international standards.

Engaging industry stakeholders and government bodies, NAEBI Dynamic Concepts Limited has left no stone unturned in developing a robust value chain. 

Operational support, sensitization efforts, and collaborations with State Governments in the Niger Delta Region have been instrumental in sustaining their operations over the past three years.

Mr. Stanley expressed gratitude to the Minister of Aviation & Aerospace Development for driving sectoral repositioning and streamlining bureaucratic processes. 

He observed that, despite challenges, he remains optimistic about the company’s capacity to achieve more in line with its mandate.


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