N196 Bailout: Only Up to date financial, NCAA registered members will benefit…NANTA boss

Mrs Susan Akporiaye, NANTA President

The President, National Association of Nigeria Travel Agencies, NANTA, Mrs. Susan Akporiaye says only up-to-date financial and registered members with the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA will benefit from the N196million bailout by the Federal Government.
The bailout of N4billion by the Federal Government meant to cushion the effects of the pandemic on the aviation industry is currently being disbursed to the relevant stakeholders.

She said the criteria to enjoy the N196million to NANTA was justified because some members have not been up-to-date with their financial commitment while some were still foot dragging in aligning their operations with the regulator, that is the NCAA.
“Up-to-date financial members, just like every other Associations, we have situations where some people are not up-to-date with their financial commitment, they are members quite alright, but they are not up-to-date with their financial criteria and we understand that 2020 was a difficult year for people to make financial commitment for anything”.

The NANTA President while applauding members who meant their financial obligations to the Association despite the difficulties of 2020, stressed that their response helped the Association to weather the storm of 2020 and push through in their set agenda.

Mrs. Akporiaye emphasized that partnership with the NCAA would be beneficial to all members and give the body the needed protection to thrive in the business.
 “Working very closely with the NCAA is going to be beneficial to everybody, every travel agency there, because we need that protection, we need the protection because we have been crying and shouting for this.
Now NCAA is saying come we are ready now to work with you and that’s good so, that’s why my members actually impressed me in 2020, as bad as it was, a lot of them pushed through in their commitment, so it is going to be financially up to date members and NCAA registered”.

On the Covid-19 pandemic, the NANTA boss commended the Presidential Task Force PTF on Covid-19 for a job well done in its enforcement of measures put in place during this second wave for international passengers.
She stated that the industry was on the path of recovery regardless of the current wave but with these measures, the country would limit an upsurge of positive case through air travel.
“Yes, we are not quite there yet because of the 2nd wave that is going on now but am actually very happy, the Covid-19 protocols that Nigeria has put in place is quite impressive. Initially, we probably thought it was too much but now the second wave start coming, we realized that the method Nigeria put in place for the Covid-19 protocol was actually a very good measure, is just that what happened initially there was no enforcement, a lot of people were dodging, there wee avoiding that 14 days now reduced to 7days repeat test they were ought to do, it was not as if they were not doing it hence the reason we started seeing this surge but am happy that the government even despite the pressure from outside body and some well-meaning Nigerians, oh shut down again, close the border again, I was of the opinion No, rather let the government go into serious enforcement because what they have on ground is perfect”.