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MMIA: New terminal apron expansion to begin as Dominion and EAN hangars are set for demolition in the next 2 weeks

Aviation Minister, Senator Hadi Sirika

The expansion of the apron of the new international airport terminal in Lagos is to commence soon.

The Minister of aviation, Hadi Sirika who disclosed this Lagos at the unveiling of ten fire tenders said, the two obstacles to the expansion, Dominion and Evergreen Apple hangars and offices would have to be demolished.

The two hangars to be demolished, Dominion hangar is owed by Bishop David Oyedepo, founder of the Living Faith Church Worldwide and Evergreen Apple by the former Director General, Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA, Dr. Harold Demuren.

”We are not operating the Lagos airport at full capacity and it is household knowledge now, we have some obstructions that would be removed within the next one or two weeks so that, we can expand the apron so that, Lagos can have the full airport in full use to 100%”.

He said, they would have to give way for the airport to be more efficient, adding that, it is $300m investment over there.

”And they can’t sit there in public interest and we would certainly shift them somewhere, it has to go. You cannot deny this city Lagos and the country in general from the use of their airport”.

”When we demolished AIB building that belongs to us, some people say it is to move them to Abuja, they have never been in Lagos, their headquarters is in Abuja and if the entire country is to move to Abuja, what is small AIB OF 200 people. I don’t need to demolish their building, if i say go and he doesn’t go, i fire him, i appointed him, big deal”.

He said, the agencies have been directed to put together document of all safety and security critical items that would make the industry more efficient, more profitable for posterity to form his handing over notes.

”Government is a serious business, if there is no government will would not be able to exist, so, what needs to be done will be done”.


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