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MMA2 Takes Firm Stand on Passenger Safety: Zero Tolerance for Misconduct and Vandalism

MMA2 Terminal

Murtala Muhammed Airport Terminal Two (MMA2), operated by Bi-Courtney Aviation Services Limited, emphasizes its strong commitment to ensuring passenger safety, security, and the safeguarding of airport property.

The terminal operator firmly opposes any form of passenger misconduct or vandalism within its premises and stresses a zero-tolerance policy towards such actions. 

In the event of flight disruptions, aggrieved passengers are urged not to resort to violence or property destruction, as these actions jeopardize the safety of fellow passengers, as well as airport staff and property.

Ajoke Yinka-Olawuyi, Head Corporate Communications at MMA2, condemns such behavior unequivocally and highlights the following key points:

Zero Tolerance to Vandalism: Damaging airport property, including cameras and amenities, is unacceptable. Individuals involved will face legal consequences, including prosecution.

Courteous Complaints and Redress: Despite the frustration caused by flight disruptions, passengers are encouraged to voice their complaints courteously through appropriate channels. MMA2 staff are ready to address concerns professionally and respectfully.

Prohibition of Violence: Any form of violence within the terminal is strictly prohibited. MMA2 ensures a safe environment for all, and those engaging in violent behavior will be promptly and decisively dealt with.

MMA2 remains dedicated to upholding the highest standards of safety, security, and customer service. Passengers are urged to comply with airport regulations and behave responsibly.

“For inquiries or assistance, passengers can approach dedicated customer service personnel or contact MMA2 through official communication channels. Let us collectively uphold values of civility, respect, and cooperation for a pleasant and secure airport experience”.


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