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MMA2 Refutes Ticket Racketeering Allegations, Emphasizes Commitment to Passenger Safety

MMA 2 Terminal, Lagos

Bi-Courtney Aviation Services Limited (BASL), operator of the Murtala Muhammed Airport Two (MMA2), has strongly denied allegations of ticket racketeering involving airline staff and touts. 

The airport management assures the public of its unwavering commitment to maintaining a secure, transparent, and efficient airport environment.

Reports claim that one-way ticket prices have soared to N250,000 due to collusion between airline staff and touts. 

Head of Corporate Communications at MMA2, Ajoke Yinka-Olawuyi, refuted these allegations, asserting that there is no credible evidence to support such claims. 

She emphasized that MMA2 operates under stringent security and operational protocols designed to prevent such activities.

“MMA2’s internal monitoring systems have found no indications of intentional hoarding of air tickets or collusion to inflate prices,” Yinka-Olawuyi stated. 

She further clarified that all ticket transactions at MMA2 are conducted at official airline sales booths using authorized payment methods.

According to her, to combat illegal activities, MMA2 was working closely with the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), Aviation Security (AVSEC), and other relevant authorities. In June 2024, FAAN established a joint task force aimed at reducing touting activities across Nigerian airports.

Reaffirming MMA2’s dedication to passenger safety and service excellence, Yinka-Olawuyi concluded, “Any person found engaging in illegal activities will face the full force of the law. Our zero-tolerance policy towards misconduct underscores our commitment to passenger safety. Our help desks and communications department are always open to assist and address any complaints.”

Bisola Ademola-Davies, BASL’s Airline Manager, listed ongoing efforts with airlines to ensure seamless passenger experiences. “Our collective efforts have significantly curtailed illegal activities, and we remain committed to maintaining this progress,” she said.

Monica Oguta, Head of Aviation Security at BASL, detailed robust measures in place to ensure passenger safety, including advanced surveillance systems, comprehensive staff training, and regular security audits. 

She assured passengers that MMA2 maintains strict oversight of security protocols, with registered protocol officers undergoing background checks by the Nigerian Police and BASL AVSEC.

Oguta encouraged passengers to purchase tickets through authorized channels and seek assistance from AVSEC personnel when needed. “We collaborate with airline partners and regulatory authorities to maintain transparency and accountability in all operations,” she stated.


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