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Medview partners BA to ferry passengers luggage to Nigeria


…….passengers salute speedy response

Medview Airline has assured it passengers whose baggage did not come with their flight on 19the December, 2016 that the baggage would arrive this Friday and Saturday aboard a British Airways and Medview flights
Managing Director of the airline, Alhaji Muneer Bankole gave the assurance while interacting with the affected passengers at the airlines headquarters.
He explained to the passengers that the failure of the baggage to arrive on their flight was due to the closure of the Gatwick airport major runway for rehabilitation leaving only the emergency runway for take off and landing.
The Medview boss also added that apart from the runway issue, support staff at the airport refused to work due to the holidays which compounded their problems.

Bankole said “The British authorities closed the major runway for rehabilitation and only the emergency runway was opened for landing and taking off of aircraft. The closure of the lengthy runway was a major disaster for us because we were never aware of such closure until we got there.
“Also, the support staff in London refusd to work during the holidays, claiming that as a public holiday, they were not mandated to work during the period. But, as we are talking now, we have made arrangement with British Airways to bring the luggage of affected staff in two batches. The first batch would arrive on Friday while the second batch will also arrive the country on Sunday through British Airways. On our own part, we will bring the remaining luggage on Saturday.”

While offering compensation to the affected passengers in form of travel coupons for the next travel plans, Alhaji Bankole expressed the airline’s sincere apologies to the passengers assuring that a repeat would not be allowed to happen.

“we feel the pains of all our valued passengers that have been affected by these late baggage arrivals. We regret all the inconveniences, and sincerely apologize for all the troubles they went through”.

He again gave the assurance “British Airways will bring some of the baggage back tomorrow evening. A team headed by Mr. Michael Animotosin, who is head of ground operations who is leading the team, they are in contact with British Airways and have given them some of the baggage, tomorrow morning they are moving the bags to preservation, Medview airlines will leave again tomorrow; we will be coming with some baggage and British Airways assures on Saturday they are bringing the second and last one so we assuring everybody here they will get their luggage. Again we apologise for the stress”.

Responding, some of the affected passengers expressed their joy of been given a listening ear and responding to their needs by way of explanations, hotel accommodation and flight tickets.


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