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MD FAAN applauds, expresses readiness to assist FAAN Band thrive


….launch Band with one million naira initial deposit

The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria, FAAN, has made history in the aviation industry with the birth of a musical band.

The band which comprises 4 females and 26 males are drawn from the Fire and Rescue and Aviation security Departments and trained in the use of various musical instruments.

The Managing Director, FAAN, Captain Rabiu Hamisu Yadudu while inaugurating the new band and the Passing Out parade of the crew in Lagos said, he was elated that after months of rigorous training of the skillful and talented officers of the agency, they have come out well groomed to take the world by storm.

He stated that music is a universal language that unites, aids focus, emotions and imagination, adding that it is one of the tools that define a people, depicts the cultural heritage of individuals and very useful in transmitting important messages in the human space.

“It is a globally established truth that music is life. It is the art concerned with combining vocal or instrumental sounds for beauty of form or emotions expression, usually according to cultural standards of rhythm, melody and harmony.”

Yadudu urged the band to show with with their mastering of the instruments that they are from an industry that is highly regulated and should not lower the standard even in this new assignment.

He stressed that the Management of FAAN has high expectations of what they can do and that they must resolve to make the agency proud with their music when they are contracted for commercial purposes.

“Show them that we are in the industry that does not allow for mediocrity, does not allow for normal performance, so your starting today, if within the next one year, we are not hear a lot of reviews, a lot of appreciation and commendations and requests if people don’t see you around FAAN and Lagos and other parts of  Nigeria as celebrities like people from Nollywood, we have not really gotten what we want.”

“Personally I look forward to the day hopefully even tomorrow that people will be congratulating us and they will be looking for you so that then, and only then we must have done justice to our departments, to FAAN and to the industry that FAAN is coming almost last to be commissioned but they are just about the best in Nigeria but for you to do that, your performance, your commitment, to train and train and train do that as much as you can, we don’t want to do things half way.”

The FAAN helmsman assured the band that the Management was ready and willing to give them what they needed to thrive in their musical performance.

“If there is any equipment, any tool or component that will add to the volume or quality of the music, or quality of you performance, tell us we will get it for you but we will want you to be the best, we are waiting.”

He reminded the officers that being in the band does not excuse them from their duties as security and fire officers as their duties comes first, adding that there must be proper coordination and understanding with their departmental heads when it comes to the band.

“You are AVSEC but anytime you are needed to do this if it is well properly coordinated talk to your department, we don’t want you to be half AVSEC, half band, you here is like you are not there, be here properly.”

Highlights of the ceremony was the inspection of the guard of honour by Captain Yadudu, inauguration of the Band with one million naira initial deposit, cutting of the inauguration tape, series of renditions by the band and group photograph with dignitaries at the event.

About the FAAN Band

The Band was founded in July 2018 by the MD/CEO FAAN Captain Rabiu Yadudu.
The aim of promoting the rich culture of FAAN is the idea behind the creation. The band is to put exceptions performances at parades training, recruits training graduation ceremonies, personnel parade training, gala nights and other functions that may require the band to rev up the occasion.

The Band comprises 30 members of four women and 26 men, selected from the Directorate of Airport Operations, Aerodromes Rescue and Firefighting Service and Directorate of Aviation Security Services.