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May Day 2024: Nigerian Airways Veterans Remembered Amidst Unresolved Severance Payments


….the Federal Government must act now..Comrade Jaja

The Air Transport Services Senior Staff Association of Nigeria (ATSSSAN) was filled with grief and indignation on May Day as they mourned the tragic loss of five former Nigerian Airways staff.

These dedicated individuals, who had served their nation tirelessly, tragically passed away within the span of a week.

Their death is made even more devastating by the fact that they died without ever receiving their final severance packages, which had been promised by the federal government since the airline’s liquidation under the Olusegun Obasanjo administration.

Investigation revealed that over a hundred former workers of the national airline had passed away since the last verification and part payment exercise carried out during the Muhammad Buhari administration in 2019. 

These individuals, who once soared through the skies with pride, now find themselves grounded in an unjust fate, their families left to grapple with the void left behind.

In celebration of the 2024 Worker’s Day in Lagos, the First Vice President, ATSSSAN, Comrade Emmanuel Jaja said, every death was a painful reminder of the injustice they had all endured.

He begged the federal government to finally settle all the outstanding severance benefits owed to these NAL ex-staff. 

“We are deeply saddened to learn about the passing of five more former staff members in the last week, including the heroic pilot, Captain Makpo Omodiagbe, whose plane was hijacked in 1993. These employees served their country with dedication, and it is a disgrace that they never received their rightful compensation.”

He emphasized, “The government must act now to pay the remaining living staff what they are owed. These workers deserve to enjoy the fruits of their labor before it’s too late.”

Beyond the unpaid severance benefits of the NAL workers, Comrade Jaja frown at the recent increase in electricity tariff, especially considering the nation’s unreliable power supply. 

According to him, the increase was a slap in the face of Nigerians who already struggled with daily blackouts.

He stated that, the current shortage in fuel supply had the entire country on edge, and ATSSSAN was no exception. 

On Union matters, he vowed the union would take action against any companies in the aviation industry that continued to prevent their staff from joining trade unions.

“We will not tolerate such blatant disregard for worker’s rights!”.

“ATSSSAN strongly condemns the recent electricity tariff hike, which was implemented without any consultation with the labour unions. We demand a reversal of this decision!”

“ATSSSAN, alongside NUATE and other unions, will not rest until we make the aviation industry an uncomfortable place for any airline or company that refuses to allow their workers to unionize. The time for injustice is over!”


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