Massive shakeup: Replacements sourced from within as current MD, Directors exit May 28


As the present administration of President Mohammadu Buhari winds down, some heads of the agencies in the aviation sector are now jittery as the Federal government is set to relieve some them of their jobs.

Investigation carried out revealed that the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) will be greatly affected with the shake up. 

It was learnt that the current Managing Director, Capt Rabiu Yadudu whose tenure is expected to come to an end 28 May 2023, after four years, will not have his tenure renewed by the FG.

Also, all the Directors have been slated for sack while replacements have been sourced from within. 

According to an impeccable source, a current serving general manager who is due to retire next month has been penciled for appointment as a Director.

The crop of the current directors in FAAN were all brought in to the system by Hadi Sirika, the aviation minister heavily criticized by the unions as misfits as they failed to perform based on lack of knowledge of the system.

Experienced directors were forced out of the system by politicians and replaced them with their cronies at the detriment of the carrier civil servants.

It was learnt that the Managing Director of FAAN has been told to hand over to a current airport manager while other changes are being worked out.

Yadudu was appointed four years ago.


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