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Leveraging Drones for Airport Security: FAAN’s Success Story

Rep. MD FAAN, Mr Henry Agbebire, Director, Special Duties FAAN.

..FAAN MD Advocates Drone Integration in Aviation

The Managing Director, Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria, FAAN, Mrs Olubunmni Kuku, has attributed the successful protection of the Ajao area at the Lagos International Airport from intruders to the effective deployment of drones.

According to her, through a partnership with Drone Tech, FAAN successfully utilized drones to conduct aerial surveillance of encroachments on the airfield in Ajao by property developers.

This effort she said, provided crucial evidence supporting Lagos State’s decision to demolish several encroaching properties near the airport.

This highlights the practical application of drones in addressing critical challenges faced by airport authorities, she says.

Speaking on the theme: “Drones: Airport Operators’ Perspective,” at the 4th Drone Technology Conference and Exhibition in Lagos, Mrs. Kuku emphasized the transformative impact of drones on efficiency, safety, and sustainability within the aviation ecosystem.

The FAAN Managing Director, represented by the Director, Special Duties, FAAN, Mr. Henry Agbebire also harped on the invaluable role of drones in providing real-time data, enabling airport operators to optimize runway inspections, enhance security, and conduct wildlife hazard assessments with unprecedented precision.

“This proactive approach does not only enhance safety, but also minimize operational disruptions, reduce time and cost spent on manual inspections”.

Explaining the benefits of the unmanned Aerial Vehicle, UAV in conducting aerial surveys and inspections, she said, airport authorities can identify potential hazards, assess critical infrastructure, and expedite maintenance activities, resulting in significant cost savings and operational efficiencies.

“This, without a doubt, extends the lifespan of airport facilities, and also minimizes downtime, resulting in significant cost savings and operational efficiencies”.

Looking towards the future, the FAAN MD, underscored the expanding role of drones in airport operations, adding that, with advancements in technology and regulatory frameworks, FAAN is poised to unlock even greater potential in areas such as autonomous ground operations, air traffic management, and environmental monitoring. 

“Recently, advances are being made on what is regarded as the vertiport (verticle landing ports), which will provide the miniature airport services for envisaged drone taxis. Airport round the world are beginning to look at this potential as possible alternatives for low   cost airport solutions. FAAN is equally observing the trend in this technology”.

She reaffirmed FAAN’s commitment to harnessing the full potential of drones in airport operations. 

Encouraging stakeholders to seize the opportunities ahead, Mrs. Kuku emphasized the need to embrace innovation and chart a course towards a future where drones redefine the efficiency and fabric of aviation.


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