Lagos Airport: Safe haven for Lunatics, hawkers and beggars?


The airport is a public place where anyone traveling are allowed access, off course there are many workers who are also allowed entry due to the role they place of ensuring seamless facilitation, security, safety and comfort for the traveling public.

The airport terminals are secured space and anyone who tries to breach security will be answerable to the security agencies.

Be that as it may, in recent times, there have been reports of stowaways, how they gained access into the airports and climbed or even gained access into some areas of the aircraft are yet to be unraveled.

These situations the authorities say have been nipped in the bud and security tightened, these are commendable moves.

However, within the airport environment, there are some ugly scenes which the authorities must take seriously before it becomes really ugly and these are the lunatics, beggars and hawkers.

The lunatics have taken over the bus shelters and turned them to sleeping quarters with loads of bag with different contents.

The shelters meant for commuters have been deserted due to the stench brought in by the lunatics who have become the landlords of the place.

Some of these persons are also found around the GAT area, Obi village, strabag bus stop, Bessam areas and the garage bus stop.
Not left out are the beggars, who station themselves at the Obi village entry near and in front of the FAAN headquarters.

The hawkers too have become a common sight especially when there is traffic that often extends from the Ikeja under bridge to the Bessam area.

They hawk different things ranging from consumables like drinks, garden eggs, groundnuts, biscuits etc and others things like ID card holders, biros, plastic folders etc.

The beggars, both males and females have always been around, calling on passersby to give them arms.

They speak different languages, say hello, pray for you as a subtle way to gain your attention and part with some money.
Many people are of the opinion that something has to be done quickly to prevent compromising the security of the environment.

To this end, the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria, FAAN, is taking the bull by its horns to rid the environment of these group of persons.

According to the spokesperson for FAAN, Mrs. Henrietta Yakubu, the AVSEC is always raiding them.

“The unstable are taken far away from the airport and the hawkers are handed over to the police.”


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