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Keyamo Unveils Plan to Tackle Flight Disruptions: Insurance, Rebates, and More Transparency

Festus Keyamo, Minister, Aviation and Aerospace Development

Minister, Aviation and Aerospace Development, Mr. Festus Keyamo

Recently, in an extensive interview on the untold hardship passengers go through when flights are delayed and cancelled, minister of Aviation and Aerospace Development, Mr. Festus Keyamo said, concrete steps are being taken to address the issues.

Expressing empathy for the challenges faced by Nigerian travelers, he highlighted the complexity of the situation, acknowledging that his predecessors also struggled to find a solution.

Keyamo outlined the dilemma of punishing airlines for delays, recognizing the potential chaos it could create due to a scarcity of local carriers. He emphasized the need for a delicate approach to avoid exacerbating the problem while serving the interests of the Nigerian people.

Acknowledging the global nature of flight disruptions, the minister stressed the importance of adhering to international rules, particularly those set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). 

He emphasized the necessity of enforcing these rules in areas such as customer treatment, financial reimbursement, and ensuring passenger comfort during delays.

Outline solutions 

To address these challenges, Mr. Keyamo revealed an innovative initiative involving collaboration with insurance companies. The plan entails insurers covering passengers’ flight tickets in the event of delays or cancellations, allowing quick access to alternative flights without additional financial burden on travelers.

Additionally, he said, efforts have been made to negotiate with airlines to provide rebates to affected customers. These rebates, ranging from 25% to 50%, aim to compensate passengers for previous inconveniences and foster customer loyalty.

Aviation and Aerospace Minister, acknowledged the difficulty in obtaining cash refunds at airports, particularly with the shift towards online and card transactions.

In an attempt to further enhance customer experience during disruptions, he disclosed ongoing discussions with airlines to extend support beyond ticket reimbursement. This includes exploring the possibility of airlines offering discounted rates on future tickets for affected passengers and potentially covering expenses such as accommodation and meals.

Keyamo acknowledged the complexity of the issue, recognizing that sometimes external factors like weather or bird strikes contribute to delays. To enhance transparency, he announced plans to publish a weekly list of all delayed or canceled flights, detailing the reasons and actions taken.

The Minister emphasized that actions speak louder than words and underscored his commitment to fulfilling his oath of office. 

He pledged to prioritize the Nigerian people’s interests and hold airlines accountable for their responsibilities in providing a seamless travel experience.

As the government takes concrete steps to address the challenges, Mr. Keyamo aims to keep the public informed and engaged in the ongoing efforts to improve air travel in Nigeria.

The Minister’s initiatives are a positive step towards addressing the challenges of flight delays and cancellations in Nigeria. It is important to note that these initiatives are still in their early stages and it will take time to see their full impact. However, they offer hope for improved air travel in Nigeria.


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