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Kaduna airport ready for flight diversion from Abuja airport


The Kaduna international airport is now set for flight diversion from Abuja airport.
During a tour of the kaduna airport, the airport manager, Mr. Amina Ozi-Salami said the terminal was nearing its completion and the runway extended to take wide-bodied aircraft.
She also explained that the fire tenders in the event of any emergencies are in perfect condition, adding that a new branded fire tender is to be deployed to the airport to cater for the expected traffic for the 6 weeks period of the closure if the Abuja airport runway for repairs.
According to her, the perimeter fence of the airport is being handled by the state government to ensure no cattle or villagers stray into the active runway of the airport.
” the runway is ready, we are currently working on the fire tenders to meet the category required for an international airport, FAAN is deploying a brand new fire tender to the airport this week and a mobile tower too. On the perimeter fence, the state government is working on that and they have demarcated a road for the village to pass through as well as the cattle, we do not want any incident of any sort, so I can tell you we are ready for the diversion of flights from Abuja airport to kaduna”.
Corroboting, the engineer in charge of the international airport terminal at the airport, Mr. Kareem Keji put the completion at 92%, saying what was left was the fitting which will be done before the end of the week.
He said the conveyor belts, counters, the VIP lounges and the toilets have been installed.
He said, ” our deadline is the end of February and we are working hard to ensure we meet it, the terminal building is 92% completed what we needed to be done now is just the fittings and this will be done before the end of this week. Everything needed for this job are all on ground”.
On navigation facilities, Captain Mohammed Joji, who is in charge of the relocation of flights said all NAVAIDS are ready for use, adding they are brand new, solar powered and working at optimal capacity.
He however noted that, they have to be flight checked to make sure they give accurate positions and measurement to pilots for safety.
” the facilities will be calibrated and I am going to use my personal aircraft to check them and finally, the contractor, ASECNA that the government has contracted will do the final check to make sure it is according to ICAO standard”.


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