Kaduna airport :NAMA issues NOTAM of flight safety


The Nigerian airspace management Agency NAMA has sent Notice to Airmen, NOTAM, to airspace users of the safety of the kaduna airport after the recent calibration of its navigation facilities.

Director of safety electronics and engineering services, NAMA, Engr. Farouk Umar said the facilities are preforming at optimal capacity and positioned to cater for all volume of flights, adding that this development is ahead of the March 8 closure of the Nnamdi Azikiwe Internatinal Airport, Abuja.

He explained that calibration is carried out to ensure accuracy, reliability and efficiency of facilities at the Kaduna airport.

Kaduna airport is on full components of navigational aids, functioning at optimal levels. We can gladly report that Kaduna airport can now safely land aircraft even in critical weather conditions as far as Navaids are concerned “.

Facilities calibrated include, the Very High Omnidirectional Radio Range/Distance Measuring Equipment (VOR/DME) and the flight commissioning of the Instrument Landing System/Distance Measuring Equipment (ILS/DME).

The component parts of the facilities which include Two VOR transmitters, two DMEs co-located with the VORs, two localizer transmitters, two glideslope transmitters and two DMEs co-located with the glideslope all passed the flight calibration test.

The flight calibration was handled by Omni-Blue Aviation Ltd along with their technical partners (FCSL of United Kingdom) in collaboration with NAMA engineers who carried out the installation, alignment and parameter adjustment during the exercise.

According to the Calibration Manager, Engr. Akeem Ogunmola, the flight exercise which started from Kaduna will extend to Kano, Katsina, Sokoto and Bauchi.

In Bauchi Ogunmola said the calibration team would be commissioning three systems which include ILS/DME, VOR/DME and Non-directional beacon. Also to be calibrated are facilities in the Port Harcourt and Lagos international airports.


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