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IWD 2024: Celebrating the Unsung Heroes – Female ATCs Shaping Nigeria’s Air Traffic Control Landscape

Female Air Traffic Controllers at work in MMIA Lagos Control Tower.

Celebrating International Women’s Day, Nigerian female Air Traffic Controllers invite aspiring aviators to embrace the challenging yet rewarding career in air traffic management. 

Breaking barriers in the once male-dominated field, these women emphasize their significant contributions to the aviation industry.

Mrs. Olubunmi Balogun, an Air Traffic Controller, highlights their role in ensuring safe air operations, expeditious traffic flow, and providing essential information for flight safety. 

Despite the demanding nature of their job, Mrs. Esther Boja-Lewis underlines the fulfillment it brings, acknowledging the need for quick and accurate decisions.

The balancing act between work and family life poses challenges, with irregular schedules and long hours.

However, these controllers, like Olumide Kola-Oni, navigate both personal and professional aspects successfully, working six hours a day.

Mrs. Abiodun Eniolorunda encourages aspiring female controllers to pursue their dreams while emphasizing the importance of maintaining a balance between career and family. 

She stresses the significance of determination, divine guidance, and achieving fulfillment in both spheres.

Aligned with the IWD 2024 theme, ‘Inspire Inclusion,’ the controllers emphasize the need for awareness to encourage younger generations to join and contribute to the aviation industry. 

They inspire female students, urging them to believe in their limitless potential.

Mr. Friday Yahaya, Tower Manager at Murtala Mohammed International Airport, commends the dedication of female controllers, acknowledging their pivotal role in ensuring safe air navigation. 

The controllers, many of whom are women, play a crucial role in coordinating aircraft movement and making split-second decisions to ensure the efficiency of air traffic in our interconnected world.


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