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Inspirational Insights: Miss Chinaza Miracle on Women’s Impact in Air Safety

Chinaza Miracle, Queen of the Air, 2023, cabin crew, Valuejet

In commemoration of International Women’s Day under the theme ‘Inspire Inclusion,’ the women of the Nigerian Aviation industry joyfully join the global celebration. This year, they proudly emphasize their pivotal role in ensuring air safety. Among these remarkable women is Miss CHINAZA MIRACLE, a dedicated cabin crew member at Valuejet and the reigning Queen of the Air 2023. Miss Miracle passionately shares insights on women’s contributions to safety and their inspirational impact on the younger generations.

How are Women in the industry contributing to Air?

Women have proven to become solid force for good in the aviation industry , making giant and significant strides. In this industry of high pressure, I’ll say that women are indeed standing out as indispensable professionals thereby contributing to air safety. They guide aircraft safely through the skies, ensuring safe take offs and landings without any hitch. An example would be the first Nigerian woman to fly a plane- Ma Chinyere Kalu.

How do they also balance the work load in the home front ?

Hmmm- as a young woman in my 20’s , I can only imagine how efficient women who run home/families, still in and show out. As for me personally, I have created a work life balance throughout my career , that is helpful and still helping me till this very day. I treat work for work and when I am off work, I do not let any form of work distractions get in the way for me. I hope to carry this structure eventually when the time comes for me to 100% run my home and family.

Apart from being a pilot, cabin crew, engineer, which other areas in aviation can the females go into ?

Apart from being the aforementioned, the aviation sector is a very vast sector and there are so many areas women can go into. You just need to put your mind to it ….

We have departments like

  • Aviation security
  • ⁠Aviation medicine
  • ⁠Aviation catering
  • ⁠Ticketing and reservation

– ⁠call Centre / customer service

And so on and so forth… these sectors are not undermined and it takes a strong woman to occupy these sectors. I look forward to celebrating more women in these various sectors.

How can they inspire inclusion of the younger females, in line with this year’s theme of IWD…

One thing I know is that the IWD is a solid structure , to celebrate women of all forms, types, & works of life. It’s interesting to see that the idea of inclusivity for women is beginning to become embraced in our society today . The aviation industry, I’ll say is mostly a male dominated industry and the more women are given a chance to be included, we not only inspire, but educate others to understand the value of women inclusion. This is something I look to see. More female pilots , female instructors, female engineers and so on and so forth! We are women, we can be anything!

Your Advice to All Women in the Industry.

Keep doing what you are doing. The world is watching and the universe is taking record of every one of our baby steps and progress.

Put your heart into it and be ready to shamelessly serve. We are not just women, we are a solid force for good, we are power houses , we are strong , we are efficient, we are mothers , superhero’s and of cos WE ARE QUEENS 👸🏽

I am rooting for each and every woman out there and the future ones to come. SAFE SKIES ALWAYS 🙏🏾✈️

I still remain my humble self CHINAZA MIRACLE ~ Queen of Aviation 2024 👑


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