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Innovative Airport Wedding Sets New Standard in Nigerian Aviation

The newly wedded couple

In a groundbreaking event, Bi-Courtney Aviation Services Limited, the operator of Murtala Muhammed Airport 2 (MMA2), has once again pushed the boundaries of innovation and creativity in the aviation industry. 

On June 29, 2024, the airport played host to the world’s first-ever “My Airport Wedding,” a unique and unforgettable experience that brought together romance, travel, and excitement.

The special day saw Agboola Abiodun Qudus and Olamide Miracle exchange their wedding vows in the ticketing hall of MMA2, surrounded by their loved ones, friends, and terminal users. 

The event was the brainchild of Monica Oguta, who brought the idea to life with the support of Korede Ogunseinde, Head of the Creative Service Department.

“We cherish our passengers and terminal users, and this event is our unique way of expressing that love,” said Korede. 

“We are thrilled to offer a bride the opportunity to celebrate her dream wedding in an unprecedented venue, blending romance with the excitement of travel.”

The “My Airport Wedding” event was a testament to Bi-Courtney’s commitment to innovation and exceptional passenger experiences. 

The airport’s Head of Corporate Communications, Ajoke Yinka-Olawuyi, emphasized the significance of the event, stating, “This event is poised to significantly impact the travel, entertainment, and aviation sectors. It will elevate the recognition of MMA2 and the Nigerian aviation sector globally, drawing attention to our innovative spirit.”

The event aimed to create an unforgettable experience for all attendees, whether they witnessed it in person or through the videos and photos shared online. 

According to Ajoke, “Through this event, Nigeria will gain global recognition, showcasing our ability to think outside the box and push the boundaries of what is possible.”

The “My Airport Wedding” event has set a new standard in the Nigerian aviation industry, demonstrating Bi-Courtney’s dedication to innovation, creativity, and exceptional passenger experiences. 


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