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Ikeja Aviation Lions Club pledges to impact more on the Aviation community, lead by example


……presents engr. AbdulRahman Musa as 3rd President of the club

L-R: Mrs. Musa, 3rd President, Ikeja Aviation Lions Club, Engr. AbdulRahman and the out-going District Governor, Lions Club 404-B2, Ademola Adesoye during the public presentation.

It was pomp and ceremonies as aviators and the aviation community gathered for the public presentation of the 3rd President of the Ikeja Aviation Lions Club, installation of officers and induction of new members into the club.

The event which took place at the Pilot’s lounge of the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, MMIA, Lagos witnessed a large turn of families, friends, club members from other places to celebrate Engr. AbdulRahman Musa as the 3rd President of the Ikeja Aviation Lions Club.

The event kicked off with an address by the District Governor-elect, Lions Club 404B2, Kayode Oshinuga which harped on leadership.

He said, leaders at all levels must communicate and carry their followers along in their vision to earn their loyalty, respect and trust.

“Our challenge has always been in leadership not because they have bad intention but because they have not been able to actualize and practice those virtues of leadership”.

According to him, no leader achieves success without the support of their followers, adding that the confidence of the followers can only be built if there is constant and effective communication.

“As a nation, a society or business, everything falls on leadership and it is only when a leader communicates effectively with the followers that success is achieved”.

Mr. Oshinuga appealed to the Lion’s club members in the aviation industry to do more of advocacy in the community and sensitize passengers on the current pandemic and other activities at the airports.

“The aviation Community which includes the staff, travellers must be able to feel the impact of the club whether by way of advocacies, provision of essential services, humanitarian services at the airport but also by way of advocacy messages”.

The outgone District Governor 404-B2, Ademola Adesoye attributed leadership problems to failure by the leaders to follow the Nigeria Constitution of 1999, adding that leadership issues could be handled if they follow the Lion’s club example.

“If we are following that constitution to the latter, we would never have problem of saying Nigeria is not good, if you go through that constitution you will realise that so many part of that constitution that our leaders are trying to dodge and doing something else”.

On the Lions Club theme for the year, Reach Out, Touch Lives, Kindness Matters, Mr. Adesoye urged members to reach out to people in the society, touch their lives and show a lot of kindness.

In his acceptance speech, the 3rd President of the Ikeja Aviation Lion’s club, Head, Electrical MMIA, Mr. AbdulRahman Musa pledged to improve on the series of activities embarked on in 2020, assuring that the airport community will feel their impact more in the area of health, education, sensitization and awareness creation.

“As the 3rd President, the impact in our community and the word at large must be fetch, hence, our activities for the year will center on the 5 service challenge of the Lions club international”.

He added, ” In the last few months under my watch as the 3rd President, the club had witnessed tremendous change and together with members have carried out live touching and humanitarian services such as, distribution of branded nose masks and hand sanitizers to passengers at the airport as well as awareness on the COVID-19 pandemic, writing materials and Note books were donated to the Nigerian AirForce Children School to encourage reading and enhance  learning ability”.

Others are, ” the club also planted Trees around the airport and created awareness of climate change and the need to protect our planet and peace poster contest which is to promote peace and stability among people of the world sponsored by the club and the contestant sponsored came third in the District”.

In his valedictory speech, the out-gone president, Ikeja Aviation Lions Club, Kabir Yahaya Gusau noted that, during his tenure the club was able to impact many lives, “around us, our community especially in the aviation environment and I hope my successor will work in unison with other members to ensure that  the club vibrancy is maintained among other districts”.

Highlights of the event was the public presentation of Engr. AbdulRahman Musa as the 3rd President of the Ikeja Aviation Lions club, the induction of 18 new members into the club and Installation of club officers.

Others include, fund raising, auction sales and presentation of awards to individuals who have support the club and well as goodwill messages from fellow lions, friends and family members.