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ICAO Assembly: Capt. Nuhu elected Chair, AFI’s plan steering committee

Capt. Must Nuhu

Nigerian representative on the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Council, Captain Musa Nuhu has been elected as the Chairperson for Aviation Safety in Africa and the Indian Ocean, AFI.

He was elected by the Comprehensive Regional Implementation Plan of the AFI  during its meeting Steering committee at the ongoing 40th session of ICAO General Assembly in Montreal, Canada.

Captain Nuhu takes over from Mr. Halidou Moussa who had been piloting the affairs of the Committee since 2013.

Responding after his election, Capt. Nuhu said, “this is a huge responsibility being given by the steering committee and it comes with challenges”, Capt. Musa stated in his response to the election.  “It is also a rare opportunity to serve the continent in this capacity and to continue to build on the good works done by former Chairpersons of the Steering Committee including the pioneer Chairperson and the current President of ICAO Council Dr. OB Aliu and the outgoing Chairperson Mr. Halidou Moussa. The task ahead is great, but I believe working together, we will progress on the mandate given”.

The AFI Plan was adopted by the 36th ICAO Assembly (Assembly Resolution A36-1) to address the concerns expressed by the ICAO Council on the safety status of aircraft operations in the AFI Region. The Council recognized that the problem facing the States in the AFI Region and many other States are similar in nature. AFI Plan was established in 2008.

Expatiating the reason behind setting up of the AFI  Plan, Capt. Nuhu said, “The initial focus areas of AFI Plan included, enabling States to establish and maintain a sustainable safety oversight system; Assisting States to resolve identified deficiencies within a reasonable time; and enhancing aviation safety culture of African aviation service providers.”

“AFI Plan has been expanded to include navigation, airports, and aviation infrastructure development.”

Captain Nuhu is the current Chairperson of the ICAO Council’s Implementation, Strategy and Planning Group (ISPG) that is saddled with the responsibility of restructuring of ICAO Secretariat. He is also a member of several ICAO Council Committees including the Human Resources Committee (HRC), Air Transport Committee (ATC), Finance Committee (FIC) and Working Group on Governance and Efficiency (WGGE).

He is the current Coordinator of AFI Group, an informal group of African and Indian Ocean States with resident missions at the head-office of ICAO in Montreal. He is also an ex-officio member of the African Civil Aviation Commission Bureau by virtue of his position as the Coordinator of AFI Group.

He had previously served as the Second Vice-President of ICAO Council.


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