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Ibom Air Wins Best Airline In Nigeria As Travellers Awards Unveils Top 5 Airlines In Nigeria


…..Air peace, Green Africa, Arik and Dana among top five

Ibom Air has once again emerged the Best Airline in Nigeria. An award it also won last year within its first year of operations.

This is based on the ranking of Nigerian airlines using the following Parameters: Average Age of Aircraft, Schedule Integrity, Spread of Services, Customer Care, Inflight Services and total Number of Flights done in 2021.

This year’s Travellers Award chose to highlight the expectations of travellers in Nigeria. The Organisers listened to the complaints and yearnings of travellers by incorporating these in the selection of the 2022 winners. Delays and cancellations are big issues on the domestic scene, Customer Care and Schedule Integrity ranked high on most social media feedback reports.

Independent research done by Publishers of Atqnews.com using statistics released by Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority and other Sources, Nigerian Airlines were ranked from 1 to 10 on all parameters and their scores totalled up. The airline with the lowest scores were ranked as leaders.

The awards will be presented on March 11th 2022 at Abuja Jabamah. Travellers Award was instituted in 1996 by the Publishers of Travellers Magazine and Atqnews.com with the theme: “Promoting Excellence in Travels.”

About 65 to 70 aircraft by 10 airlines carried over 12 million passengers to over 20 active airports in Nigeria. Air Peace wins the award of the Best Nigerian International Airline of the year.

These are the Top 5 Airlines in Nigeria for the year 2021:

Airline of the Year
1. Ibom Air came out tops with the lowest score of 12 having topped the chart in four of the parameters. It only did badly in the spread as it flies to only 6 destinations, so it ranked 8 out of the 10 airlines that were profiled. It also had the second highest number of flights done despite having only 7 aircraft and was flying to only 6 destinations. It had done more flights than airlines that had more planes and flew to more destinations. This was a very remarkable operation similar to popular low cost carrier models optimizing the use of aircraft.

2. Air Peace came in second with a score of 17. It came 1st in National Spread and had more flights than any other airline in Nigeria. It is the big international player in the market. Despite its huge size it still scored very high in Average Age and Customer Care. It did well on all parameters which shows its potential as an emerging global player. It came 4th in Average Fleet age, 4th in on time Performance, 3rd in Inflight Services and 5th in Customer Care.

3. Green Africa came 3rd overall with a score of 18. This is the surprise in the Pack. One of the new players in the park that had a lot of false Starts so much so that it was initially written off as just another portfolio airline. It ranked 2nd in Average age of Fleet. Also 2nd in Schedule Integrity, 3rd in Customer Care, 5th in Inflight Services and 6th in Spread of Services across Nigeria which is surprising for an airline with just few planes. A very good score for a new airline.

4. Arik Airlines came in 4th with a score of 24. It came 3rd in Average age of Fleet, 2nd in Spread across the Nation, 6th in Schedule Integrity 6th in Inflight Services and 7th in Customer Care.

5. Dana Air is the 5th ranked airline in Nigeria with a score of 25. It came 2nd in Customer Care, 2nd in Inflight Services, 5th in Schedule Integrity, 8th in Average age of Fleet and 8th in National Spread.


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