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Ibadan Airport Poised for Expansion with Fueling Facility Launch


A landmark gathering on February 15th, 2024, marked a new chapter for aviation in Ibadan as key players like FAAN, NAMA, NCAA, and Bovas Petroleum came together to finalize preparations for fueling operations at the airport. 

This momentous occasion signifies a critical step forward in the airport’s development and paves the way for several exciting transformations.

Leading the charge in fuel provision is Bovas Petroleum Ltd., renowned for their commitment to high-quality fuel and established industry standards. 

Their involvement promises a significant boost to FAAN’s revenue through fuel surcharge and related income streams.

More importantly, the fueling facility opens doors for convenient overnight stays and refueling capabilities for aircraft at Ibadan. 

This translates to enhanced operational efficiency and increased convenience for airlines and passengers alike.

Building on the Oyo State Governor Seyi Makinde’s vision, a state-of-the-art 500,000-liter aviation fuel facility was unveiled in March 2023. 

This Public-Private Partnership project, spearheaded by Bovas Petroleum Ltd., underscores the unwavering commitment to elevating Ibadan Airport to international standards and fueling economic growth for the state.

Governor Makinde’s dream of transforming Ibadan Airport into a bustling hub with aircraft taking off every 30 minutes remains firmly intact. 

The Bovas/FAAN/Oyo State Fuel Farm tank, built under a Build, Operate, and Transfer framework, guarantees a sustainable fuel supply for the next 15 years, laying the groundwork for this ambitious vision.

Ibadan Airport Manager, Otunba Deji Ojo warmly invited stakeholders and the public to join this exciting journey, emphasizing the collective effort needed to unlock the full potential of Ibadan Airport as a regional aviation powerhouse.

Improvements in infrastructure and services, coupled with Bovas’ expertise and Governor Makinde’s unwavering vision, paint a bright picture for the future of Ibadan Airport. 

This momentous occasion not only marks a significant milestone but also signals the dawn of a new era for aviation in the region.


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