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Ibadan Airport: Launch of Complimentary WiFi, Elicits Praise from Passengers and Aviation Authorities


The introduction of complimentary WiFi access at Samuel Ladoke Akintola Airport in Ibadan has brought joy to passengers.

The Airport Manager Otunba Adedeji Ojo, alongside staff and agency heads, inaugurated the WiFi service provided by the Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC) and MTN.

The wireless service spans the terminal with five access points, covering 500 meters and benefiting airport users and those awaiting flights.

Otunba Ojo highlighted the system’s robust infrastructure, including inverters, solar panels, and rechargeable batteries.

Applauding the collaborative efforts, he acknowledged the NCC’s pivotal role.

Prince Joshua Bepo, Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) in Ibadan praised the NCC, emphasizing the significant advancement achieved through the installation of free WiFi.

Overland Airways Ibadan Head, Mr. Setemi, acknowledged the increased appeal of the airport for both staff and passengers.

Saka Kayode, Head of Skyway Aviation Handling Company Ibadan, recognized the airport’s positive transformation under the current manager and anticipated further innovations.

Joshua Ameh of Air Peace expressed gratitude to the NCC and all contributors to the successful project.

A passenger, Alhaji Abdurrahman Balogun, lauded the airport management for the efficient facility, noting its similarity to amenities in foreign airports he had visited.


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