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Ibadan Airport: Aviation Health Week Concludes with Free Medical Check-ups


Samuel Ladoke Akintola Airport in Ibadan last week hosted the aviation community for Aviation Health Week, underscoring the pivotal role of health and wellness in the industry. 

The event with the theme “Soar to New Heights with Good Health,” spanned two days and featured notable speakers and comprehensive health discussions aimed at enhancing awareness and encouraging healthier lifestyles among aviation professionals.

In his opening remarks, Acting Airport Manager Mr. Francis Balogun welcomed attendees and emphasized the importance of health monitoring. 

Head of the Medical Department Mrs. M.C. Atere stressed the significance of the ongoing health week, stating that regular medical checkups should be a priority for everyone.

Dr. Okeya delivered an impactful session on kidney health, discussing crucial topics such as the adverse effects of energy drinks, the impact of various drugs on kidney health, the differences between liver and kidney functions, and dietary recommendations for individuals with high blood pressure. 

Key takeaways included the significant risks posed by energy drinks due to their high caffeine and sugar content, the management of kidney stones, and the distinct roles of the kidney and liver in the body.

One of the nurses, Olapoju Olawale provided an in-depth overview of cholera, addressing its definition, symptoms, causes, risk factors, diagnostic methods, and treatment options. 

The presentation emphasized that cholera remains a communicable disease prevalent in underdeveloped regions, with major risk factors including inadequate sanitation and contaminated food and water. 

Symptoms of cholera include severe watery diarrhea, vomiting, and leg cramps, with effective treatment involving hospitalization, oral rehydration solutions (ORS), antibiotics, and stringent hygiene practices.

On June 26th, Dr. Ogoh Cletus delivered an engaging lecture on eye care, harping on the importance of eye health, the impact of advancements in eye care, and the need for regular check-ups and protective measures.

Aviation Health Week 2024 concluded with free medical check-ups for all attendees, including blood sugar level checks, temperature checks, blood pressure measurements, and eye tests. 


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