Green Africa Airline unveils Ankara crew uniforms ahead of launch


Green Africa Airline, a Nigerian airline soon to debut in the Nigerian sky has unveiled its crew uniform for both pilots and cabin executives.

Flight crew

In a response to an email by the airline, it says about the uniform,”Our gCrew uniform is a judicious blend of African style with Green Africa elements and a contemporary global feel. Made from natural fabrics which makes our uniform not only environmentally friendly but also keeps our crew comfortable as natural fabrics are more ‘breathable’. 

It adds,”The colours of the uniform which are our brand colours are inspired by the vast & varied African landscape with the basic cuts inspired by the Nigerian prints popularly called Ankara”. 

cabin crew

“Green is just not a colour to us, it is a concept, it signifies vibrancy, growth and sustainability which is what our brand and uniforms represent. For us, the comfort of the crew while wearing the uniform is paramount because happy crew means happy customers!”