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Gov Obaseki and N19b Hotel brainwave


By Night watcher

This is an intelligent Governor prone to grave errors. This hotel project is dead on arrival. It is amongst the white elephants used to siphon money from the State. What is the tourism model in use when a Tourism Master plan is launched and kept in the cooler.

It will likely rut in the drawers. Was it not a document that is not domesticated with stakeholders? It has been 6 years in the making, by barely known consultants. The Tourism media were absent at the launch. It was Bismack Rewane who churned the statistics that Obaseki loves to hear. What Wiston Churchill called damn lies! What will a five star hotel add to a city in a rut?  So tourists can gaze at a city with decayed infrastructure. By the way do the tourists need 5 star hotels or mostly budget hotels? Benin is still prone perennial flooding. The markets are an eyesore. 

Gov. Godwin Obaseki

You can hardly drive into the city from any direction. How will the private sector drive Tourism when they are not consulted? N19.B can do a lot to improve the infrastructure of the State, rather than pump such huge amount into luxury for a few. Leave hotel development to the private sector. Face public infrastructure and clear your debts. 

Reduce taxation on a stressed economy. Build better roads with drains and sidewalks. Improve security and sanitation. We need to build more on the concept of liveable cities.


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