FRSC to impound and fine drivers of trailers with containers not latched


Long vehicles and trailer drivers who fail to latch their vehicles are to face prosecution and their vehicles impounded.

The Federal Road Safety Corps, FRSC is all out to enforce the latching of such vehicles to reduce the havoc it cause on Nigerian roads.

The FRSC corp marshal, Boboye Oyeyemi who stated this in an interview with reporters in Lagos, said it would no longer be business as usual for drivers of trailers carrying goods without latching their containers, as the full weight of the law would be applied.

He said many of such vehicles have killed many people when the containers they carry fall off, citing instances in Lagos where these containers fall across the road causing a gridlock and on other smaller vehicles killing its occupants and other pedestrians.

A Container blocking the road

Oyeyemi stressed that there was no going back on the enforcement on the belting of trailers and long vehicles.

“We are resuming full enforcement of this flag bet trailers, any flag bet trailer that the container is not latched is going to be impounded not only that the tyres are source of concern , the minimum safety standard is not being complied with , so am on full out enforcement with them.
You see this act of irresponsibility must be stopped, lawlessness in which this containers break down on the highway, it’s left unattended to in the process smaller vehicles ramp into it, go under it , it is my responsibility to ensure that the correct thing is done. One, not only that if other vehicles, if there is a breakdown the law stipules that you must display appropriate warning signs, a case where flag bet trailers breakdown , leaves is not a replacement for reflective warning signs , stones are not replacement or tyres and I have warned them”.
The FRSC corps marshal emphasized that if drivers who handle such vehicles do not want to be fined for any offense, they must have to do the right thing, adding all commanders of the corps have been put on alert to ensure the directive is complied with.

“have directed the zonal commander in Lagos that is why we had a meeting, full enforcement must resume with a mobile court if they are complaining of high charges of fine of 250,000 there is no going back by the Lagos state government am in support of the lagos state traffic laws in lagos and I will ensure full compliance, is very important , so if you don’t want to pay 250,000 or 100,000 then you stay out of trouble, laws are met to serve, punishment are met to serve as deterrent m so if you don’t want to pay then do the appropriate thing but the law is this if your vehicle breaks down and you display appropriate warning signs , no offense , it behoves on me to assist you to move it out of the road and resumption of normal traffic flow but when you are abandoned it and nothing is done it is a serious offense”.


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