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From Unfamiliarity to Advocacy: Ade-John’s Journey to Promote Nigeria’s Tourism

L:R: Tourism Ambassador Ikechi Uko and organizer 10th Wonders of Nigeria Expo 2024 and the Minister of Tourism Mrs Lola Ade-John at the event held at the National Museum, Onikan Lagos

… Highlights Nigeria’s Untapped Tourism Potential

At the recent 10th Wonders of Nigeria Expo 2024, held at the National Museum, Onikan, Lagos, Minister of Tourism Mrs. Lola Ade-John shared her journey from being unfamiliar with Nigeria’s tourism to recognizing its breathtaking beauty. 

Ade-John, who extensively traveled across Africa and beyond, admitted to knowing little about Nigeria beyond familial visits. 

However, her perception shifted upon discovering Nigeria’s abundant natural wonders, including gorillas and scenic waterways, which rival those of other countries.

Expressing her determination to showcase Nigeria’s tourism potential, Ade-John emphasized the need for national pride and a change in the tourism narrative. 

She commended Ekiti State’s investment in the Ikogosi resort and called for more investors to harness Nigeria’s beauty. 

The Tourism Minister outlined key steps for federal support, including setting standards, reviving the Presidential Tourism Council, and collaborating with stakeholders.

Ade-John underscored the importance of community involvement in tourism, citing examples of training locals in hospitality and enhancing security through community engagement. 

She lamented the lack of preservation of historical relics and buildings, pledging to address this issue.

Moreover, Ade-John advocated for a cultural shift, encouraging Nigerians to embrace their heritage and contribute to the tourism industry’s growth. 

She emphasized the role of storytelling, history, and culinary experiences in tourism promotion, urging citizens to become ambassadors for their country.

Looking ahead, the minister vowed to explore more of Nigeria and attract foreign investment, citing potential opportunities in Yankari and Umuahia’s war museum. 

She called for a reevaluation of Nigeria’s approach to its past, emphasizing the need to celebrate diversity and overcome political divides.

Mrs. Ade-John thanked the event organizers, Ambassador Ikechi Uko and exhibitors for showcasing Nigeria’s cultural richness. 

She urged continued appreciation and preservation of the nation’s treasures, underscoring their significance in showcasing Nigeria’s beauty and diversity.


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