For Love of Country: Air Peace again offers to evacuate Nigerians from Sudan without charge


“Any action that would promote national pride, national cohesion, peace and unity, we are for it”…Onyema

The Chairman of Air Peace, Barr. Allen Onyema says, the airline is ready to evacuate stranded Nigerian students in Sudan if they are moved to a neigbouring country.

He said, the airline would fly there as Sudan’s airspace is closed from civil aviation flights and pick them back to Nigeria free of charge.

According to him,  Nigerian students and others stranded in the war racked nation urgently “needs our help.”

This will be the fourth time Mr. Onyema is offering to evacuate Nigerians from war-torn countries. 

In 2019, Air Peace deployed flights to evacuate Nigerians in South Africa due to xenophobic attack, evacuation of Nigerian students from Ukraine and stranded Nigerians in India due to lack of money to buy tickets to return back to Nigeria.

According to Onyema, he is compelled to help because Nigeria cannot afford to lose her citizens in that country, adding that it would be his own commitment to make sure that the stranded Nigerians in the war-torn country are safe.

He said that everything must not be left for government alone, especially as the situation calls for urgency and immediate action.

“Again, Air Peace is willing to evacuate Nigerians stranded in Sudan free of charge if government can get them to a safe and secure airport in any of the neighbouring countries bordering Sudan. Everything must not be left for government and government alone”. 

“It will be a privilege and honour of tremendous pride that we will be out there to give every Nigerian stranded in Sudan a sense of pride and oneness in their country”.

“We are very ready to do it immediately. No time wasting. Any action that would promote national pride, national cohesion, peace and unity, we are for it. Again, we have no apologies for believing in our nation and loving the nation despite certain national challenges. If they are moved to Kenya or Uganda or any other country, we will move in to get them out. Some parents have started calling on us to help. We are ready to do this again and again”.


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