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Focused Leadership As Instrument of Success To NAMA’s Giant Strides

Engr. Ahmed Umar Farouk, Managing Director, NAMA

There is no doubt that the positive changes noticeable in the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA) today are traceable to the quality of leadership deliverables from the management. 

As it has been rightly said, when the head is sound, the remaining part of the body will be okay. So it is with the leadership of NAMA under  Engr. Ahmed Umar Farouk’s watch as the current Managing Director of the agency. 

With so many different layers to senior management roles and often a wealth of challenges to face along the way, Engr Farouk has demonstrated rare leadership qualities, thereby inspiring confidence in workers abilities. 

NAMA members of staff, by all standard are now more comfortable with their duties in virtually all the departments simply because they now have and are working  with a leader that they feel they can trust. Thanks to Engr Farouk who came in and quickly understood the importance of building a robust and very cordial relationship with his team, including both senior and junior cadres of the staff team. 

However, those in the system recognize the fact that Farouk has always been a good friend to all, right from when he was a middle level staff in the agency; and this doesn’t mean becoming their friend, but rather presenting himself as a credible leader who is always transparent and equitable.

Over the years, the NAMA MD has progressed in his career steadily while achieving a high-level position. He has also performed creditably well in virtually all the departments in NAMA. Despite his attainment as the agency’s helmsman, the engineer never perceived himself as the expert in all areas. In fact, he trusts that they will always deliver. He also sees his staff members as experts in their respective fields because he understands industrial harmony is one of the biggest keys to success within any senior management role. 

This rare camaraderie coupled with technical knowledge and deep understanding of the NAMA’s mandate to effectively manage the Nigerian Airspace to a level consistent with the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Standard And ‘Recommended Practices (SARPS), things have been working for the service provider more than ever before. 

In many aspects, Farouk has done excellently well within the few months he has been in the office. For instance, with a background in Safety Electronic and Engineering, it was very easy for him to a complete  overhaul of the country’s airspace communication architecture. 

Due to his belief in empowering workers, Farouk has already built a system in NAMA whereby members of staff are trained and retrained regularly. Beyond training, he has been able to give workers free hands to take on tasks or projects that will help them step outside of their comfort zones and grow as professionals. Workers’ welfare is now top notch and gone are the days staff members were denied duty allowances for no just cause. 

In areas of equipping the workers, Farouk has taken upon himself to ensure that NAMA workers do not lack their working tools at all the departments in the agency. . 

Be that as it may, it is obvious that with the present leadership, NAMA will  progress and be able to compete favorably with other countries in terms of safety of airspace and efficiency of operations with the focused leadership style of the NAMA MD.


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