FNAC 2022: Yadudu confident recommendations will bring lasting, sustainable solutions to industry challenges


The Managing Director, Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria, FAAN, Capt. Rabiu Yadudu has expressed optimism that resolutions and recommendations reached at the National Aviation Conference will bring lasting and sustainable solutions to the challenges confronting the industry.

He expressed this confidence in his welcome address at the start of a 4-day FAAN Aviation Conference in Abuja.

He said, their intention is to come up with a working document that would be transmitted to all the stakeholders for immediate and sustained action. 

“It will be a living document. We also intend to make this conference an annual event, where we keep working on ideas aimed at building and implementing the resolutions reached at past conferences”. 

Capt. Yadudu said, the essence of the conference was to share ideas and intelligence and from the meeting develop a workable plan of action that would make Nigeria the next destination for tourism and investment.

He called for honest, robust and constructive engagement, set the tone and the pace and focus on their passion and commitment in the direction of diligent compliance with the regulations and the SARPs. 

“This is also the path to sustained Safety, Security and Prosperity”.

He also added, “We are all imperfect teachers and students. Our honest errors and faltering steps are nothing but mere stepping stones towards experience and achievement. We may be forgiven if we advance our industry, though it might be but a little, provided we have done our very best. Then we shall all someday retire assured in our hope and prayers that after us, surely better players will come”.

The FAAN boss noted that, the theme “Advancing the Frontiers of Possibilities for Safe, Secure and Profitable Air Transport” has been carefully and thoughtfully chosen to proffer solutions to major industry challenges as well as chart the way forward for a National Air transport industry that will be effective, efficient and profitable, in addition to being a major catalyst to national economic growth and development.

Activities at the conference will include; trade and investment sessions, where opportunities for investments at our various airports will be showcased. Investors will also have first-hand information on how to partner with FAAN in mutually beneficial business arrangements.


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