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First Quarter Reports: Domestic travel records over 2m passengers as delay, cancellation top lists of complaints.. NCAA


In the first quarter of 2023, January to March, Statistics show that, Nigeria recorded a total international passenger traffic of 870,776 in and out of the country.

A breakdown of the traffic as contained in the executive summary obtained by newsbulletinng.com from Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority NCAA shown a total of 375,700 In-bound passengers and out-bound 495,076 on the international routes.

On the local routes, a total of 2,791,591 passenger traffic was recorded in-bound 1,391,560, out-bound 1,400,031.

These flights were operated by 25 international airlines with 3,073 flights and 11 domestic airlines with 182,88 flights between January to March this year.

Regarding complaints from passengers, the NCAA received 1,193 delayed flights on international routes, cancelled 24 and air return 6, while local flights delayed was 101,28, cancelled 284, air return 28.

Delayed, missing baggage 9,087, baggage found 7,942 on international flights and domestic all 31 missing luggage were found.

A further breakdown of the summary, in January, international airlines recorded a total of 499 delayed flights with Air Peace topping the list with 53 followed by Asky with 45, Qatar 41 and BA 33 amongst others. 

In February, delayed flights was 325, AWA recorded 30, Ethiopian 33 Kenya Air 11 and in March 369 with Qatar having 32, United Airline 1 and Air Peace 64, while cancelled flight in January was 7, February 13 and March 4.

Total number of Air/ramp return was 25, in January 8, February 10 and March 7.

While total number of missing baggage was 9,807 while found is 7,942, total complaints received 27 and cases resolved 9.

International routes, other complaints Overbooking, denied boarding 2, pilfered, discourteous and PEBEC etc 25 and domestic 3 and 42.

The NCAA received 27 complaints international routes and 45 domestic and number of cases resolved, 9 on international flights and 22 on domestic flights.

Domestic statistics

Delayed flights total 101,25. January records show that Air Peace topped with 1,602, Arik 473, Dana 303, Max Air 445, Ibom 295, United Nigeria 419, Green 193, Overland 257, Aero 314, Azmana Air 195, Arik 473

February Air Peace 1,081, United Nigeria 298, Ibom Air 212, Green Africa 136 and Max Air 276. March Aero 127, Max Air 292, Ibom 239, Overland 156.

Cancelled flight totaled 284. In January Azman recorded 14, Aero 8, February Max Air 33, Valuejet 14. March Arik 9 and Ibom 3.

Number of air/ramp return total 28, Overbooking/denied boarding 3, Other complaints, pilferage, discourtesy service PEBEC etc 23.

Missing baggage 31, found baggage 31. Total number of complaints 45 and resolved cases 22.


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