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FinchGlow Holidays: Your Partner for Unforgettable Travel Experiences..Juayibim-Enakele


FinchGlow Holidays, a leading destination management company, has announced its expansion into the Nigerian market. 

The company, which started as a small desk in FinchGlow Travels, has grown to become a prominent player in the tourism industry.

Explaining what the company does at a media event in Lagos, Achimba Juayibim-Enakele, Head of Business, FinchGlow Holidays says, as a DMC (Destination Management Company), FinchGlow Holidays specializes in creating unique experiences for travelers. 

“Our mission is to provide experiences that allow people to enjoy life amidst its challenges,” said Juayibim-Enakele. “After working hard, everyone deserves not just business trips but leisure travel to explore new places.”

According to her, the company’s mission is to appeal to people’s emotions and provide them with a reason to enjoy themselves. With the tagline “You deserve it,” FinchGlow Holidays aims to make travel more accessible and affordable for everyone.

The company has segmented its business into two main areas: inbound tourism, which focuses on experiences within Nigeria, and outbound tourism, which offers packages for travel to destinations around the world. 

With strategic partnerships and suppliers globally, FinchGlow Holidays can create customized packages for travelers, whether they’re heading to Asia, Europe, Africa, or Australia.

FinchGlow Holidays is proud of its 97% success rate in obtaining visas for travelers. The company’s experts provide guidance on the necessary documentation and application process, making it easier for visa applicants to achieve their travel goals.

As your local experts with an international flair, the Head of Business says, FinchGlow Holidays offers a range of experiences, including relaxation, adventure, fashion, and culinary experiences. The company is particularly excited about promoting Nigeria and has started highlighting special areas in the country, starting with Lagos.

One of the company’s initiatives is the “Italawa Eko City tours by FinchGlow Holidays,” which showcases the beauty of Lagos and its hidden gems. The company plans to expand its coverage to other parts of Nigeria and eventually the world.

“In promoting Nigeria, we have launched activities like Italawa Eko City tours, starting in Lagos,” Juayibim-Enakele explained. “We want to showcase unique places that deserve global attention, beginning with Lagos and eventually expanding.”

FinchGlow Holidays is committed to affordable tourism, making it possible for people to experience new places without breaking the bank. 

With its headquarters in Lagos at 40 Saka Tinubu, Victoria Island, the company is poised to become a leading player in the Nigerian tourism industry.


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