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Femi Adefope chosen as Travel Personality of the Decade 2010-2020, Eko Hotels, Hotel of the Decade


Every year since 1996 Travellers has had annual awards for the Best Performers in the industry. Travellers Magazine is the first travel magazine published in West Africa since 1993. Atqnews.com is the Premier Travel news website in Africa published since 2014.

We have used the public voting method. We have used survey monkeys and we have used voting by only travel professionals using weighted averages but our annual ‘Man of the Year’ Awards is strictly chosen by Travellers.

Magazine/Atqnews and its associates.
It is chosen every year based on performance by winners in the preceding year. It is usually celebrated in June at the annual #accraweizo event in Ghana.

Last year because of the Covid19 lockdown the 6th edition of the West African Travel Expo Accra Weizo did not hold. Also, last year the 7th edition of our Abuja Jabamah event did not hold in November as usual. The 16th Akwaaba African Travel Market was held as a virtual conference.

In a statement from the organisers signed by the Publisher Mr. Ikechi Uko “We plan to host our first event since November 2019 in March this year. We have fixed our first event in Abuja for the end of March. “To this end we are announcing some of our Winners Based on their performance in the difficult year of 2020.”

1. Aviation Man of the Year 2020
Capt. HADI Sirika
The completion of the Enugu runway within the lockdown period once again reinforces his reputation as a Man who gets his brick and mortar projects done on time.

2. Aviation Man of the Decade 2010- 2020
Capt. EDWARD Boyo, Overland Airways.
Silently, Overland has established itself as one of the most solid airlines in Nigeria. It has passed the 10 year Survival Milestone for Nigerian Airlines and it is still flying. LandOver Aviation School and Businesses are a testimony to his vision and capacity.

3. Travel Personality of the Decade 2010-2020
OLUFEMI Adefope.
HRG, GHI Assets Tour Brokers, RwandAir, Delta Airlines, Kenya Airways, Air Cote D’Ivoire and many more brands owe their success and visibility in Nigeria to this man. He has opened more ways in Travel Business than most will ever connect to him.

4. Airline of the Year, 2020
The brand new airline established itself in the consciousness of Nigerians within a short time. With rapid fleet acquisition and station expansion Ibom Air cruised itself through 2020. It ended the year as the best ontime performer in Nigeria with good customer experience.

5. Airline of the Decade 2010-2020
With all its problems that saw it ending the decade in the hands of the receiver almost bankrupt nobody will deny Arik the credit of being the most dominant Nigerian Airline till 2017 when its problems multiplied. Arik served Nigerians with brand new aircraft. It extended its reach to USA, UK, South Africa, UAE, Angola, Ghana, Gambia, Sierra Leone and Liberia. Though most of the glory is now waning it stills holds the flag of it’s time in the sun.

6. Hotel Man of the Year 2020
Former Acting GM Ibom Golf Resort Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.
One of the few Nigerians to have run an international hotel in Nigeria he was credited with turning around the loss making Hotel into a profitable property.

7. Hotel of the Year 2020
IBOM Golf Resort Uyo, Akwa, Ibom
When most hotels in Nigeria were down and out this hotel found a way to stay open and make money in 2020.

8. Hotel of the Decade 2010-2020
One of the few World Class Hotels in Nigeria. This hotel or collection of hotels has managed to serve different classes of travellers with ease. With offerings like the Eko Suites, Eko Signatures, Eko Classics and the Eko Gardens it is the go to place for foreign visitors to Lagos. Its flagship product is the massive Eko Convention Centre. It is one of the biggest in West Africa.

9. Tourism Personality of the Year 2020

10. Tourism Personality of the Decade 2020

11. Travel Personality of the Year 2020

12. Hotel Man of the Decade

13. Tourism Governor of the Year