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Farouk Takes the Helm at NAMA, Pledges Renewed Commitment to Safety, Excellence

Engr. Ahmed Umar Farouk, Managing Director, NAMA

New MD NAMA, Engr. Ahmed Umar Farouk

Engr. Ahmed Umar Farouk has assumed leadership as the new Managing Director of the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA). 

With a distinguished three-decade career in Nigeria’s aviation infrastructure, he brings expertise and emphasizes renewed commitment to safety and industry standards.

Having joined NAMA in 2002 from the federal ministry of labour and productivity, Engr. Farouk’s tenure highlights engineering prowess and strategic deployment of critical systems. 

His planned retirement on January 18 marked the end of an era dedicated to advancing the nation’s aviation capabilities.

As Managing Director, he prioritizes communication, airspace stability, and declared a state of emergency on agency power, aiming to enhance operational efficiency. 

Engr. Farouk stated, “NAMA is no longer on trial; we are on course, and our commitment to excellence is resolute.”

Pledging zero tolerance for air accidents, he emphasizes strict adherence to global safety standards set by ICAO, prioritizing the well-being of the flying public. 

Engr. Farouk envisions a future for NAMA marked by excellence and safety, urging collective responsibility and invoking blessings for guidance in this new phase.

He expresses gratitude to his predecessor Engr. Tayib Odunowo for tackling challenges in the airspace and commits to continuing commendable work, focusing on the welfare of both active and retired staff.


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