FAAN to decentralize medical supplies to airports, build 7 clinics yearly

L-R comrade Ahmed Danjuma Chairman ATSSSAN FAAN branch, MD FAAN Captain Hamisu Yadudu and Mr. Norris Anozie, Director HR&A FAAN at the event

The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria, FAAN is decentralizing medical supplies to its airports nationwide.
Now, each airport will get their money on monthly basis to make sure
there are rapid responses to staff welfare.

Captain Hamisu Yadudu, Managing Director, Federal Airports Authority
of Nigeria, FAAN, who stated this at a meeting with members of all unions in the agency in Sango-Ota, Ogun state said, during a tour of airports, he discovered that most agency clinics get allocation for their medicines once a year and they needed to change this to ensure its staff get the medical care they need, adding that memo to decentralize medical supplies have been sent to the Directorate of Human Resources and Administration.

“Medical supplies arrive once a year some October, some December; they
don’t know how, whether it is short or over, whether it is late or not late and when it finishes until next year.”

Apart from medical supplies, Captain Yadudu disclosed that plans have
been concluded to at least construct 7 standard medical clinics every year built and equipped with drugs and necessary medical equipment to handle different cases.
“We have a standard building blocks that we are going to build across
at least, initially 5 major airports and next year another 5 major airports so that we can improve capacity, we have the design, it is already in the procurement now and we will do it in Enugu, Port Harcourt, Kano, Abuja also have a very small one. The 7 biggest ones in terms of performance and capacity, we will build 7 and the
following year another 7.”

According to him, design of the building which would be similar was
already with the procurement department, adding that the top floor of the building for wards would have 10 beds, four wards with 10 beds but
wide enough to take 20 beds in the case of emergency.

“So we are getting these buildings done, we are getting primary equipment to be imported and quietly installed in all these buildings and because airports plan for emergencies we are going to have the top floor for wards that would have 10 beds, four wards with 10 beds but wide enough to take 20 beds in the case of emergency and we can just deploy other beds and we will have 100.”

He said, the construction of the buildings would start off in 4 major
airports, Abuja, Port-Harcourt, Enugu and Kano.

“If you are asking one to work a lot and you are not looking after his
health, you are not being realistic. Now we are building this new big
blocks, we are going to have centers where we will have external doctors to come maybe at least for the cardiologist, maybe ophthalmologists for the eye, the most important ones, if we have a standard structure doctors can come maybe once or twice a week to attend to our personnel and those outside so it becomes a means of revenue generation.”


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